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Welcome to my humble blog. I'd love to call it the best Malaysian Cloth Diapering Wikipedia, but as you can see it is still a work in progress. But I do hope this blog helps in clearing off some of your doubts, concerns, questions etc on cloth diapering. But you need any help, just drop me an email - 

Here are the list of the cloth diapering articles which can be used as a reference.

1) Cloth Diaper Glossary - This is a good reference for jargons used in cloth diapering society.

2) Cloth Diaper How To - Articles on Tips & Advice on handling your precious cloth diaper ;-)

3) Cloth Diaper Catalog - Yup this is a collection of cloth diaper which I came across. A lot more to go and trust me, modern cloth nappy are much more fun!!

4) Cloth Diaper Reviews - Reviews by me & other mothers.

5) Cloth Diaper For Sale - If you want to get good bargains for cloth diapering
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