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Post Natal Massage Service in Kota Damansara

Benefits from Post Natal Massage : 🌹 Provides relaxation 🌹 Increase muscle flexibility & 🌹 Stimulate blood circulation 🌹 Boost milk production 🌹 Induces good sleep 🌹 Lighten stretchmark 🌹 Reduces fluid retention 🌹 Reduces Stress hormones
Schedule your appointment today Click link below Massage will be done at the comfort of your home by myself. I’m a local malay lady & a mom to 2 lovely daughters.
Tempah temujanji Puan hari ini. Klik link dibawah: Urutan dibuat di rumah pelanggan oleh saya sendiri😊.
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We are now in Shopee

We are glad to announce that starting January 2019, we'll be in Shopee as well. Here's a sneak.

Blueberry Simplex Clearance Sale

All Bluberry Simplex Cloth Diapers will be under Clearance from 22nd to 31st December at the price of RM59 each.
Purchase to be made online only at

Pls note on CLEARANCE T&C.
Not refundable & returnable.