Saturday, August 13, 2016

Going green with Flip #1

How do I use my Flip Cloth Diapers?

Adjust the diaper sizing by choosing the right snap setting on the front of the diaper.
Your diaper arrives snapped down to the "small" setting, the bottom row of snaps.
To use the "medium" setting, unsnap the diaper and resnap on the second row of snaps.
To use the diaper on the "large" setting, fully unsnap the front of the diaper.
Adjust the insert sizing by choosing the right setting on the insert. For Stay Dry Inserts, fold the insert based on the sizing sewn into the insert. For Organic Inserts, fold the insert using the guide lines in the insert to fit the inside of the diaper cover.
Put the insert in your diaper. Hold the insert in one hand and place inside the flaps on both ends of the diaper cover. Using one hand to hold the front of the insert in place, stretch the diaper and smooth the insert flat.
Put the diaper on your baby. Flip Cloth Diapers go on just like a disposable diaper.

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