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New! Bayu Embelished Prefold

Bayu Premium Newborn prefold cloth baby diapers are made from Bamboo blended fabric. Its embelish fabric is Designer Cotton imported from US. We have prewashed it & sewn it in our home. Printing placement might vary a little as this is not a mass produced items. We made only 3 - 4 pieces per designed print. Can be used as burp cloths, changing pads, reusable cloth diapers, or when folded, as soaker inserts for pocket diapers, or boosters to provide extra absorbency during nap time or overnight. It is non-toxic and non-allergenic. Dries quickly. SIZE: Newborn (about 4 to 9 lbs) --  12" wide x 13"  CARE: Wash normal cycle for top loading machine.  non-chlorine bleach . NO fabric softeners. (Fabric softeners will build up over time and make cloth diapers less absorbent.) Price : RM22.90 per piece  Not inclusive shipping.

New Bayu Diapers Prints Launched today !

New Bayu Diaper - Eligance, River Monster, Icons To purchase : Or Get special deal for pack of six via this link : Features: ·          Affordable One Size Pocket Diaper ·          Snap Closures  ·          Have leg gusset as leak guard ·          Generous sizing accommodates larger babies ·          Easily replaceable elastic keeps your diaper fresh ·          3x3 snap down. Adjust the sizing to fit small, medium & large sizes. (approximate 3.5 to 15 Kg) ·          Each Diapers are bundled with  1 pc Microfibre Insert + 1 BumGenius Hemp Insert. ·          Wide slot opening makes it easy to stuff & remove insert ·          Slot cover to hide insert in its pocket.  ·          Comes with limited edition fun prints!! Proudly Malaysia Home Grown Brand. ** All Bayu Jade Series of One-Size Cloth Diapers  include 1 pc One-Size Microfibre Insert  PLUS 1 pc Large B