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Raw Silk Liner

Silk liners are an essential accessory to your cloth diapering collection; they are great to have on hand for the times when your baby's bottom is sore.  When your baby suffers from a diaper rash, disana's raw silk liner will soothe and calm your baby's skin.  Raw silk contains plenty of natural silk bast, which has an anti-inflammatory effect. The silk also gently cools down the inflamed skin.  This is an excellent, natural alternative to a salve or cream. To use, simply add the silk liner to the cloth diaper alongside the cotton liner, directly next to your baby’s skin. The silk liner should be changed every time along with the diaper until baby’s skin is no longer red. To purchase :

Capri Restocked with New Prints

We have just restocked your favorite colors. Plus! We have all the new prints To purchase:

Rockin Green Detergent Back in Stock

We have restocked Smashing Watermelons & Motley Clean. Both came in 1.3 kg bag. To purchase :

Cloth Diaper Dictionary

DIAPER FASTENERS - Diaper Fasteners are varied, but include both the traditional plastic-topped and heavy duty brass locking head diaper pins, as well as the stretchy plastic t-shaped grippers known as Snappi Diaper Fasteners. Diaper Fasteners are simply a means to secure baby's cloth diaper on them in a safe and comfortable way.

New Bayu Diaper Print in Chevron

We are glad to show off our new print Chevron.

Cloth Diaper Dictionary : Fitted Diaper

Fitted Diaper Fitted diapers, commonly referred to as Fitteds, are ingenious cloth diapers which combine ease of use and flexibility. Fitted Diapers closely resemble the size and shape of disposable diapers. Though, with the variety of super absorbent and breathable fabrics to choose from these are hands-down one of the best cloth diapering options available to suit your little one's individual needs. Although Fitted Diapers are not waterproof and do require the use of a diaper cover, herein lies one of their advantages! You decide: wool, fleece, or PUL covers; some parents even opt to go coverless (usually when indoors or when trying to clear up a diaper rash). Benefits: Most absorbent and leak-proof diapering option With Velcro and snap closures there's no need for diaper pins or fasteners Ideal fit for newborns, especially in the early weeks Excellent solution for a heavy-wetter (particularly when combined with a wool cover) Available in a variety of fabrics, colors, and pri