Monday, September 9, 2013

What People Say About BumGenius Detergents

Thought we'd just share some of our customers thots on the BumGenius Detergents. 
Here's a few of testimonial we received from mail, SMSs & What's App 

 Evelyn, Kuching-Sarawak. 
After searching through way too many options of possible detergents, I selected bumgenius detergent and am quite pleased with it. Each load is one scoop, with "71" loads' worth in the bag. We will see how long it lasts. My daughter does not have sensitive skin issues at all, so there have been no problems there. I wish it were less expensive, but it's worth the money to maintain our very real investment into cloth diapers. And of course, SentuhanBayu did a great job on fulfillment. Speedy as usual. 

 Siti Hasrat, Kota Kinabalu - Sabah 
I never bother to write reviews but I had to write one for this detergent. We had been using a free and clear detergent and got a terrible case of the stinkies in our diapers, especially the microfiber. I stripped the diapers with SunLight and hot water and started using this detergent. So far, it's been great. No reactions, and the diapers smell like nothing, just clean. It also does a much better job fighting the stains. I really wanted to be able to get my detergent in the grocery store and not have to order it, but it is so worth the extra step. Love it and won't be switching back! 

 Asma, Putrajaya - PutraJaya 
I use this detergent to clean my Grovia and Flip organic cotton, microfiber, and hemp blend diapers and covers. Works great. Since I couldn't see suds in the machine, I was a little worried but the diapers come out clean and fresh smelling. This detergent also arrived very quickly, within 2 days.

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