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NEW ! Rumparooz 6r Hemp Soaker now have Rumparooz 6r Hemp Soaker as part of cloth diapering accessories.

What makes the Rumparooz 6•R Hemp Soaker Inserts so popular:
- Designed specifically for the Rumparooz One-Size Pocket Diaper, but can be used in any pocket diaper!
- Lets you fully customize both size and absorbency with 6 different settings
- Helps get the absorbency where it is needed - we know it is a challenge to adjust the inner inserts to adequately and completely fill the pocket for each snap setting
- Each insert (newborn and one-size) is 3 layers thick, making a very absorbent 6 layers when used together (great for overnight!)
- Can be snapped interchangeably with a Rumparooz 6•R Microfiber Soaker Insert to take advantage of the winning microfiber and hemp insert comibination

NEWBORN INSERT: The newborn insert is shorter, trimmer and contoured to an hour glass shape. This reduces the bulkiness that can occur between smaller baby's legs. Use alone for wee ones or snap it to the one-size insert in 3 different positions (including one position for girls and another position for boys.)

ONE SIZE INSERT: At full length the one size insert is a large insert, but snapped down it can become a medium inset as well. Couple it with the newborn insert and you get multiple sizes and absorbency when and where needed.

General Care : Wash these inserts as you would your regular diapers.

How to prepare for first use : We recommend washing and drying Rumparooz 6r Hemp Inserts four times before using for the first time (that's wash - dry - wash - dry - wash - dry - wash - dry).  Unbleached hemp has natural oils in it that need to be removed before it becomes absorbent.  It will take five or more washings before it reaches its maximum absorbency.  

When washing these inserts the first few times do NOT wash it with your fleece products (like Rumparooz, bumGenius!, or FuzziBunz). The natural oils from the hemp will coat the fleece, making it repel liquid. After your inserts have been fully primed you may wash them with all of your diapering products. 

Made from 55% hemp, 45% certified organic cotton.

One Size Insert - 4 layers
Newborn Insert - 3 layers

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