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New Release : Bayu Diapers new prints are here

Salam Fridays to all mommies ^_^
We are proud to show you the new prints for Bayu Diapers. The new prints are Toxic , Splash White, Splash Violet, Matrix, Pixel & Paintbrush.

We maintained the price @ RM29.95. Very affordable price & each sets comes with 1 large microfibre insert & 1 large hemp booster. Thus explains why our diapers are very absorbant.

You could purchase these thru our website or thru email sentuhanbayu@

US Designer Quilt Cotton looking for a new home

Hi & Salam to all
This week, I'll be destashing my fabrics.
These are all bought directly from US with quilt weight 100% cotton fabric. In case any of these catch your eyes :-) do email me.

Only 1 yard left for each print unless otherwise specified. Price is RM35 per yard not inclusive shipping. Shipping is Free for 3 yards & above.

US Designer Cotton Flannel looking for new home

Hi & Salam to all ladies,
I have a few of cute & lovely fabrics which in need of a new home, thanks to my 'cannot tahan cute kain' syndrome ^_^. Say it fast enough, it sure does sound like a real disease. Hahahahah

These are all designers fabrics & came directly from USA. And I'm letting it go at RM35 per yard not inclusive shipping. Take all at RM30 each.
Only 1 yard left for each prints.

What you can make with these? Well, i've made blankets (lots of them), pillows, swaddling blanket (bedung bayi), tummy binder ( barut bayi) & kitchen towel to name a few. So there's no limit ya :-). Knock yourself out.

To purchase, pls email me at as i'll not be putting these in website. First pay first served basis..... And please, serious buyers only :-). Thus, if any purchase made by you must have approval from your spouse, mother, grandmother etc . Do get their approval prior emailing me. It does saves a lot of every…

Birthday parties - big or intimate affair?

Every year, parents are invited to all kinds of birthday bashes - from grand events to small, private ones. Many parents take the trouble to plan exciting activities and make it fun and enjoyable for children. However, there are many parents who believe that birthdays are a private affair that should be celebrated among family and close friends. No matter what type of birthday party one holds for their child, there’s no denying that it is done with lots of love and enthusiasm. Two parents share their opinion on holding birthday parties.
Mazwin Abdul Muin

Mazwin Abdul Muin, mother to Ahmad Najmi Haziq, six, and Nur Afiqah, 12: “A lot of work goes into planning a birthday party, whether it's going to be big or small. I think nowadays parents have a budget to organise big birthday functions. It also depends on the family's lifestyle. Some engage a party planner but there are many mothers who take the trouble to plan weeks ahead of the party, finding the the…

Stock Update : Capri is back !

Capri has been restocked at Do check us out as your favorite prints might be back.

Available prints are : All available in both snaps & velcro version.
To purchase Capri in Velcro : Click Here
To Purchase Capri in Snap : Click Here