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New Product : More for cloth diaper rental service at

We heard you mommies! ^_^ Due to overwhelming response in our rental service, we are now extending it to a one size diaper rental. What does this means for you ? - You could easily increase your diaper stash as and when is needed. - No more headache & heartache in cloth diapering try out. Simply return it back to us once you are done. - You don't have to figure out where to sell your used diapers anymore ^_^ Want to try this service from us ? Click at the link below to purchase a rental slot.

Stock Update : Lil Joey is now at Malaysia

We have added Lil Joey to our store. Do check us out ! ^_^ your favourites prints is here. Preppy, Lux, Robotronics, Ladder, Eco Owl.

Stock Update : Blueberry Cotton & Bamboo Prefold

The blueberry prefolds are back at ! ^_^ We have added Blueberry Cotton Prefold Diapers Size Small, Blueberry Bamboo Prefold Diapers Size Small & Medium into our inventory.

Stock Update: More colors for the rings

To all enthusiast sewist out there, we heard you. Thus we bring you more colors to the rings. Do share your awsome Ring sling with us. ^_^ Post it at our Facebook wall ! We have added more stock to your favourite colors & new colors are Black, Gold, Silver, Slate & Bronze To purchase, please visit our website

Stock Update: Pink Daisy Organic & Stay Dry Menstrual Pad is back

Salam semua, Di atas permintaan yang memberangsangkan terhadap produk ini, kami di telah pun menambah stok-stok pad kain ini. Kami juga membawa prints terkini -Monster. Sangat kiut ! Untuk yang tak pernah tau kewujudan cloth pad ni, penggunaannya sama saja dengan cara guna disposable pads yang selalu anda guna tu. cuma bezanya: 1- boleh dicuci & di pakai semula 2- jauh lebih selesa kerana diperbuat drpd fabrik organic & fabrik berkualiti yg amat selesa 3- tidak bau yg kurang selesa 4-tiada bahan kimia yang boleh menyebabkan kanser dan sebagainya. Jauh lebih selamat 5- dijamin berkualiti & dibuat di USA Boleh cuci mata dgn gambar-gambar di bawah Untuk pembelian, silalah ke website kami . Jika perlukan bantuan , boleh lah email atau SMS / What'sApp / Viber +60122010911

Thirsties Duo Wrap is On SALE at Malaysia

Hello Mommies, Yes, You've read it right. All Thirsties Duo Wrap are on Sale at our store. Save up to RM20 off from retail price. Simply click at these link to grab this offer NOW ! Thirsties Duo Wrap in Aplix (Velcro) Thirsties Duo Wrap in Snap

Should parents step in when kids fight?

By SHAMALA VELU Sibling rivalry is bound to happen when you have more than one child. It is especially intense and stressful for parents who have to play referee all day long. Although the best thing is for siblings to work things out themselves, many parents are drawn into their children's fights, afraid it escalates into something loud and physical. Should parents leave siblings to sort out quarrels among themselves, or should they step in? Two parents share their opinion: Norlin Wan Musa with daughter Ishra. Norlin Wan Musa, mother to Aditya Kamiso, six, and Ishra Kamiso, 10: “My children actually get along pretty well most of the time. If they quarrel, they don't get physical with each other, either. They’ve had heated arguments but this happens occasionally. I let my kids resolve their differences unless they ask me for help. However, when they start yelling at each other, I become alert. If shouting matches start, I usually ask them what is going

First birthday party - necessary or waste of money? -

By LIVINGESHAN K. The first birthday of a child is a day that most parents and first-time parents look forward to. Some parents obsess over the details of the celebration, some celebrate it moderately and there are the cynics among us who feel it’s a waste of time and money. Now, it’s easy to call these latter ones cynics, though upon closer inspection and a little bit of reasoning, you find that they have a point as the child won't remember the day and might even sleep through the whole party. Whichever way you look at it, there is no shortage of debate as to how to celebrate a first birthday or whether to celebrate it at all. Two parents share their thoughts on first birthday celebrations: Reena Indharaj with daughter Tamieera Service desk manager Reena Indhraraj, mother to Tamieera, aged six months : “The memories from my baby’s first birthday will be priceless. This will be a milestone and it’s meant to be celebrated. It's what makes us human. And a first b