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Testimoni Pengguna Happy Heinys

Hi my name is Jami. I have Triplet boys and I have been using cloth diapers sense they got out of newborn diapers. I really wanted to try cloth diapering but was very scared. I was nervous I would do horrible at it, would not know how to do it, how to afford it and would it be worth it? Would I really stick with it? Was it possibly to do cloth diapering times three?? Well we went ahead and decided to try them and guess what? We made it! So far they are 4 months old and we have been cloth diapering and so far so good. I had to ask a few questions and watch a video on youtube to reassure myself I was going the diapering right and washing and I was! I am so happy to say that if you have twins, or triplets, or more it is very possible to do this. I can not believe how easy it has been and its not a lot of work. If I get a poopy diaper I just rinse it off and put it in the diaper pail. I do on extra load of diapers once a day or once every 2 days. I do not find it hard even though that’s what I herd. I love these diapers and even though I am done with babies, if I ever did happen to have another one I would definitely use Happy Heinys. I love how they come in different colors and patterns and that my boys have not had a diaper rash sense using them! I recommend them to anyone who wants to do cloth diapering.

Hi there, Im writing from Australia, where the only cloth products we have are terry or flanelette squares and very basic wraps. So I was very impressed with the prefolds and wraps I ordered from the US. Then I discovered Happy Heinys. These are GREAT (and in my opinion a lot better than Fuzzibunz). I couldnt believe the difference when I got mine in the mail, the quality and workmanship is far far better, and I was really impressed. Its been washed a hundred times because I just want to keep using it. As you can appreciate, with the exchange rate, these are hugely expensive but Im saving up to switch exclusively to Happy Heinys. I like that I can keep using the infant prefolds in the medium up to 25 lb, which is at least another year and they’re very trim. Anyway, just thought you’d like to hear from another happy customer.
Melinda Wiley
While I’m e-mailing you, I just have to tell you how much I love your diapers. I still have a couple of the older style and the new style is the only diaper I am using now. The prints are so cute and they never leak…they are both beautiful and functional! I had just bought a bunch of Fuzzi Bunz a couple months ago and ended up selling all of them the day after my new Happy Heinys came in the mail to buy more Happy Heinys. The Fuzzi Bunz left marks around my daughter’s legs…the Happy Heinys never do this and are far superior in the way they are made. Of the six Fuzzi Bunz I bought, I had to send three back because the snaps didn’t stay snapped together. I have yet to find a flaw in any of the Happy Heinys I have and with a wiggly 18mth old, the hook & loop is so much easier to use than a bunch of snaps! My husband is lacking in reusable diapering skills and loves the Happy Heinys because they are so easy to use. I like not having to wake up in the middle of the night to change my daughter because she has soaked through her diaper. Thank you for making such a great product…and keep those adorable prints coming! :)
My first purchase of Happy Heinys was from word of mouth testimonials. I kept hearing how great they were so I had to try them for my then almost 2 year old. We instantly fell in love with the quality and my daughter loved to pick out her favorite designs. I then had a second child and have used Happy Heinys for her since she was about a month old. She is well stocked with Happy Heinys and has about 8 of the next size to use when she grows into them. I think we are a bit different than the usual Happy Heinys customers because we use ours as covers most of the time. They are so cute I hate to only get one use out of them.
I have 2 Happy Heinys pocket trainers and 1 pocket diaper. These are absolutely wonderful! I have not liked any other pocket diapers that I have tried, and almost didn’t buy a Happy Heinys. But I decided to give them a try, and I am very glad that I did. I make diapers myself, and I am very picky about what I will spend my money on. My Happy Heinys are definitely worth every penny. Happy Heinys make a happy mommy!!!!
Dear Linda Your pocket diapers are the best reusable diaper we have tried. Over this past year we have tried several different ones and Happy Heinys are now our absolute favorite. In fact Happy Hienys are the ONLY diaper my husband will use. He will dig to the bottom of a stack of diapers to get to a lone clean Happy Heiny. Before we discovered Happy Heinys my husband would only use disposables. Thanks for making a husband friendly diaper that is cute and actually works for my two super soaker boys. Sincerely
"We love Happy Heinys for our 6.5 month old. They hold well, are easy put on a squirmy baby, and come in adorable prints! We started using these when he was about 4 months old and they have been awesome ever since! Plus, they are husband friendly because of the VELCRO (R) applix!"
Happy Heinys are the diapers I’ve used. The fleece liner keeps my daughter’s bottom dry, and the laminated fabric keeps everything else dry! And to top it off, they’re super cute! These are the first diapers I reach for.
I love the way Happy Heinys keep my baby dry and rash free, even after nursing all night.
I love the new laminated Happy Heinys! They are adorable, dependable, and easy to use.
Today our Happy Heinys were put to the test.An emergency happened causing me to have to dash out of the house and leave my 5 month old in the care of my 18 year old sister and her friends (scary). I was gone for several hours and when I returned I was shocked to find they had actually changed his diaper.(Thank goodness HH are easy to use:).It wasn’t until I went to change lil’ Brandon’s diaper myself a couple hours later that I discovered the diaper had no insert! They had just grabbed a clean HH off the line and put it on him. The amazing part is it hadn’t leaked! It was one of the ones with the PUL sewn to the fabric , so I think that made a difference, but I’m telling you the outside of the diaper was dry. As if I needed more proof how great these diapers are!

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