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Thisties Duo All-In-One Cloth Diaper Review by CarzyGreenMommy

The other day I was placing my millionth Amazon order for Camilia(more on that stuff later) and you know, just can't resist the 25$ minimum order free shipping. Crafty, crafty marketing! In addition to the things we truly needed, I decided to get a new cloth diaper to try out: The NEW Thirsties All in One! Honestly I didn't even know it was new at the time. Then after ordering of course saw a ton a buzz on the 'net about them.

Look at me lookin' like I have some clue as to what's going on(not really).

So here is Alice, in snap closure! Check out the new package they came up with; it's 100% biodegradable/compostable. Love it.

And here's the inside. Soft fleece all around, super trim microfiber core attached along the sides only.

I think I like the design. Allows for better cleaning and quick drying, plus you can easily stuff something between to increase absorption. I'm a big fan of preemie prefolds as inserts and doublers. Not that we've needed to test that just yet! 

Annie-fannie sporting the Alice size 1 on middle snaps and getting a great fit! She's probably 13+lbs at this point and you can see we have loads of room to grow. And my big girl gettin' in on some cloth diaper action ala baby lamb. You suppose she'll be cloth diapering her future babes? 

Fluffy buns! Don't you just want to eat that chub up? Love her!

Le Verdict:

I like them. They are affordable and supremely easy. All the more unsuspecting parents to snag into cloth diapering! (Muwahahaha) Often I hear daycare being a reason not to cloth diaper; I'm not sure how any provider would have a problem with these. They truly are as easy and trim as a disposable. There are only two things I might have changed in some way. One is the front. It does pooch out a bit on my bitty due to there only being 2 snaps for the rise adjustment. Not a deal breaker, though. The other is the microfiber soaker. I'd like to see one more layer added of fleece to the back so as to enclose the microfiber entirely. Microfiber can't be used against the skin and I do worry a little about it the core shifting so that happens.  

In addition to the ease, I love that they are broken into just two sizes. That means more bang for your buck and a great fit from start to finish. The first few months can be the trickiest at attempting a one-size diaper; the Thirsties size 1 and 2 resolve that issue. Size one goes 6-18lbs and size two 18-40lbs. 

For any super soaker out there Thirsties does carry a nice looking hemp insert, too! They had a knitter do some custom in the US. Thirsties claims it's thicker, softer, and holds up better than any other on the market. Hopefully I'll get the chance to test that out! I'm a big fan of hemp. It was our magic bullet for my oldest kiddo to finally get out of using disposables at night. That kid could sure pee. 

Looking for a trimmer cloth diaper or to talk a friend into trying cloth? Snap one of these up, pronto!

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