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Thirsties Duo All-In-One Cloth Diaper Review by Mothering Daile

As soon as I heard that Thirsties was launching a new All-In-One (AIO) version of their popular Duo Diaper and Duo Wrap, I knew I had to try it! Thirsties Duo Wraps are my favorite cloth diaper covers (they fit Baby M perfectly and we use them at nights with fitteds), so I had a feeling I would love their AIO Duo Diapers too. I was right! Thirsties sent me a Duo AIO for Baby M in Size 2 with the adorable Hoot print. I can’t wait to tell you about it!
Thirsties Duo All-In-One (AIO) Cloth Diaper Review

The Details

  • Two-sized diaper system. Size 1 fits babies 6-18 lbs. and size 2 fits babies and toddlers 18-40 lbs.
  • Snap-down rise helps you get the exact fit for your baby
  • All-in-one diaper with sewn-in microfiber soaker
  • Aplix or snap closures
  • PUL outer
  • Soft microfleece inner
  • Soaker is attached to the diaper only on the sides, creating a sleeve where extra inserts can be added and will easily agitate out in the wash
  • Made in the USA!

What I Love About It

Thirsties Duo AIO Diapers are made in the USA and sewn with care using quality materials. Erin, founder of Thirsties, started this business with an old sewing machine and $100 5 years ago. Through her hard work and diligence, the company is now one of the leaders in the cloth diaper industry. Their diapers are now made by work-at-home mothers, which is awesome.
For a made-in-the-USA diaper, they are quite affordable which is surprising. Solids are just $15.75 each and prints are $16.75.
The feature I love most about the Thirsties Duo AIO Diaper is that it truly is as easy to use as a disposable. I chose the aplix version because I wanted the diaper to be as easy and quick to put on as possible. The diaper is all one piece, and is waterproof on the outside, so you don’t have to worry about stuffing inserts or using a cover with it. These AIO’s are so simple to use, anyone could do it! They would be excellent for day care, babysitters, diaper bag, travel, and for anyone who might be a little nervous about trying cloth diapers or confused about what kind to buy. They’re also great if you just love the simple ease of disposable diapers yet want to use cloth for eco-friendly, money-saving, or other reasons.
The fit on Baby M is great! He is 16 months and 25 lbs., wearing size 2 with the rise snapped down one row. The diaper is trim and hugs him just right.
Thirsties Duo All-In-One (AIO) Cloth Diaper Review
I love that the Thirsties Duo AIO’s come in two sizes. With one-size diapers it is very difficult to find one that actually starts fitting at birth (especially one that is not ridiculously bulky on a newborn) and continues fitting through potty training. With a two-size system, you can get an excellent fit on newborns and small babies with size 1, then sell your size 1′s (or keep them for future children) and and replace them with size 2 for a great fit on your older baby/toddler. It is much more cost effective than buying sizes newborn, small, medium and large, and yet you’re getting a better fit than you would with one-size diapers. Here is a picture of the Size 2 on the smallest and largest settings:
Thirsties Duo All-In-One (AIO) Cloth Diaper Review
I don’t have a Thirsties Duo AIO in Size 1 to show you, but I did want to point out how small the Size 2 actually gets. Here is a picture showing the Size 2 snapped down to the smallest rise, compared to a Bumgenius 4.0 One-Size Pocket Diaper on the very smallest setting:
Thirsties Duo All-In-One (AIO) Cloth Diaper Review
As you can see, the Duo AIO is really not that much bigger. The size chart says the Size 2 will start fitting at 18 lbs., but I would even venture to say they may start fitting closer to 15 lbs. given that I’ve seen the Bumgenius 4.0 diapers fit very well on 12 lb. babies on the smallest setting. I am going to bet the Duo AIO in Size 1 gets very tiny on the smallest setting would very likely fit a preemie-newborn size perfectly. AIO’s are ideal for newborns because at that stage you want nothing more than a super quick and easy diaper change! I think these would be great in Size 1 for a newborn stash.
Thirsties Duo All-In-One (AIO) Cloth Diaper Review
The inside of the diaper is microfleece and very soft. The 3-layer microfiber soaker is sewn onto the diaper only on the sides, creating a sleeve with two openings where you can stuff an extra insert in if you would like to and have it easily agitate out in the wash. For Baby M, three layers of microfiber is never enough unless I want to change him every hour or so (he’s a heavy wetter), so I slipped a Thirsties Hemp Insert into the sleeve to add some absorbency. Thirsties Duo All-In-One (AIO) Cloth Diaper ReviewThe diaper lasted through his nap without any problem and I am sure could have held for much longer too (gotta love their hemp inserts!). I would like to get some of their Stay-Dry Duo Insert so that I can just lay the inserts on top of the diaper soaker instead of having to stuff them into the sleeve to maintain the “stay dry-ness” of the diaper. Anyway, for heavywetters or older babies you may need to add an extra insert for absorbency, but for younger babies and average-wetters I am sure they would work fine without.
The sleeve-opening style of the diaper also allows the microfiber soaker to dry faster. The first time I washed the diaper, I threw it in the dryer with my various microfiber inserts and it was perfectly dry when they were. The second time, I tried line drying it overnight (I use a rack indoors) and it was dry and ready to use by morning. For an AIO diaper I think it dries very quickly and that’s always a nice feature!
The colors and prints are really cute! I got the Hoot print and it is adorable. I also really like the Blackbird print (we have a cover with that print),. and the solid colors are nice and bright.

What I Would Change

The only thing I would change about this diaper is the fabric around the leg and back elastics. The PUL turns inward just a little too much around the legs and back opening when the diaper is on Baby M and ends up leaving some red marks on Baby M (even if I adjust the diaper loser). It’s just not as soft as having pure microfleece touching the legs and back where the elastic is. I think they could easily tweak this feature and I hope to see an improvement in the future.

The Bottom Line

Overall I think the Thirsties Duo All-In-One Cloth Diaper is really great! The fit is perfect, and the diaper is so adorable and easy to use. Honestly, if the leg openings had just a little more fleece around them to make them just a tad softer on Baby M’s legs, I would go out and buy a whole stash of these right now because they would be the ideal diaper for us. Even though they aren’t quite absorbent enough for Baby M, adding a doubler or hemp insert is no big deal at all and that wouldn’t stop me from buying these diapers. All that said, I think Thirsties has done a fantastic job designing an AIO diaper. This will be a diaper I recommend to friends–especially those interested in trying cloth for the first time and want to start with something simple, cute, and easy to use like a disposable.

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