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The first newborn cloth diaper rental service in Malaysia only at

The SB Newborn Rental Package has a complete set to full time cloth diaper a newborn baby up to 5Kg (12 lbs) using All-In-One newborn diapers. You'll receive 12 Rumparooz Newborn Diapers (Lil Joey).  And you'll have 12 weeks from the time baby is born to use this rental package.

Why would you choose a newborn rental package?
You know you want to cloth diaper, but you're not sure yet what cloth diapering system you want to use and baby is almost here, so you need diapers to use for the first 0-3 months. Since most one size diapers don't fit until around 4Kg and, you want to avoid the yucky chemicals in disposables and use instead this newborn cloth diaper rental until your baby fits into one size diapers. You love the idea of your baby wearing cotton against his delicate skin. You'd rather have SentuhanBayu take the guess work out of cloth diapering your newborn and sends you what you need. :) And you love that after this rental, you'll know more about cloth diap…

Purse Handbag Organizer in Hearts Collection

Do you like to change purses all the time, but you don't like going through the hassel of taking all of your things out of one purse and putting it in the other?

With this little purse organizer you can change purses everyday if you want! Just load the purse organizer with everything you need, wallet, check book, sunglasses, cell phone, makeup, cash etc. and move it from one purse to the next! You don't have to worry about digging around the bottom of your purse anymore to find your things.

You could always grab the little purse organizer by itself to use as well. There are four inside pockets as well as the roomy center interior. There are several pockets on the outside to store all of your things. There is a snap closure button at the top that will ensure all of your items stay safely tucked inside !

Finished size of this purse organizer is 8" x 5.5"

** Exclusively Handmade Items & only 5 units available**

Available unit : 5
Price RM55.90
Free Shipping via Pos …

Discipline from within By Ruth Liew

Allow children room to grow and develop on their own.

TWO five-year-olds were chatting away, oblivious to their teacher’s read-aloud for the class. Everyone else was all ears and eyes on the teacher.

Despite repeated reminders, the two boys persisted with their chatting. When it got too loud, their teacher asked them to move aside from the group. One of them felt uneasy while the other happily complied. Though they obeyed, both children responded differently.

Children have their reasons for their behaviour. They do not intentionally do things to irritate or anger the adults. They need to understand how things are done and what they can do to take control. They behave better when they have the right skills to cope with challenges.

At home, parents often find their children doing or saying things they should not. How does one differentiate between defiance and immaturity? Children like to explore and experiment. They will make mistakes. Learning from these mistakes, with the adults’ gui…

Rumparooz is now open for PreOrders

Hi Mommies,
I'm opening a preOrder for Rumparooz One Size Diapers

PreOrder Ends : 31st Mar
ETA : End of April
Deposit : RM50 for each diaper (non refundable)
Price : RM69 only (shipping not included).
Pls email me if you are interested.

Salamkepada ibu2 semua,
Kami sedang membuka PreOrder dengan harga istimewa.
Tarikh Tutup PreOrder : 31 Mac
Barang sampai Malaysia dijangka 3-4 minggu dari tarikh tutup.
Deposit RM50 diperlukan utk setiap CD.
Harga RM69 sahaja. Tidak termasuk shipping.Boleh pilih warna seperti yang tertera.
Berminat? Sila email ke

Update : 20th April - The 1st batch arrive yesterday. Therefore, for those who have fully paid the preorders, your item will ships within the next few days.
Update 8th April : Take note that the Rumparooz PreOrders are on its way to Malaysia. We will update the blog once it has arrived at our port. Do come back to this blog for latest update.
Untuk makluman semua, PreOrders Rumparooz dalam perj…

Pregnancy Test is now available at

Another 2 new great products added to our store.

Act it out - By Ruth Liew

Use drama and practice to get your kids to mind their Ps and Qs or handle emergency situations.

I REMEMBER my daughters, at ages eight and 10 years, decided to put up a play for their young friends in the neighbourhood. They prepared a puppet stage and gathered some props, including a real banana. Their audience comprised children aged three to six years. My girls got mixed reviews.

One four-year-old said: “I did not like the story.” Her slightly older sister was more diplomatic: “I like the story when Faith (my 10-year-old) came out and ate the banana!” My daughters have always enjoyed play-acting on topics ranging from shopping to eating at a restaurant.

Freetime is now available in all colors & closures. Only at Cloth Diaper Store

IRREGULAR BumGenius Freetime AIO for sale - SOLD !!

I have 1 BG Freetime that has small defects in one of the size S row button (shown below)
The diaper is still new & in good condition except for the defect mentioned.

Color : Dazzle
Qty ;1
Price : RM 50 (shipping not included)

Pls email to purchase.


BumGenius Artist Series at Super Low Price only for 1 DAY at

Have you checked out our Friday Deal?
We are having a super low price for BumGenius Artist Series. This offer valid only today. So Hurry to to purchase.

Dah tengok Friday Deal untuk minggu ni?
Jualan harga murah untuk cloth diaper BumGenius Artist Series. Tawaran hanya untuk satu hari sahaja. Jadi tunggu apa lagi? Segeralah ke ^_^

Childcare options - By Ruth Liew

What to look out for when choosing a day care centre for your child.

MORE working parents today opt to place their children in day care programmes, rather than keeping them at home to be cared for by a domestic helper.Children need the right start to succeed as responsible members of society. Hence it’s important to provide them with a conducive environment to grow and develop during their formative years.Scouring for the right childcare centre to host your child, even with the abundant choices around, is a tough but all too important task.

Keep safe at all times - By Ruth Liew

Educating your child about personal safety starts with you.

WHEN your child was younger, you could child-proof your house and warn him of the dangers in the surroundings. As he grows older, he is more independent and curious about his world. By which time it’s necessary to give him a few tips about personal safety.