Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Updates on FreeTime All In One PreOrders

Salam & Happy New Year!!
A) Good News
The AIO FreeTime orders - batch 1 is currently in transit & has reached Guangzhou -China. I'm estimating that it will arrive KL within this week. Thus, I'll start shipping out those orders probably next week.

If you placed an order AFTER Dec 11th, 2011, your order probably will arrive End of Jan or Early Feb 2012 under the 2nd batch.

B) The Not So Good News
Only applicable If your order for the Freetime AIO starts with 7.
When SentuhanBayu attempted to upgrade Interspire with Little Kittle last year, all the old orders can no longer be accessed. Therefore, I'm not able to see those order details anymore. Appreciate if you could forward me a copy your invoice mailed to you when you placed your order. Email those invoice to:sentuhanbayu@gmail.com

Sarah Chong
Nik Anita
Sarah Johar
Alice Lim
Munie Ahmad
Amilia Mansoor

If your order starts with SB-*, nothing needs to be done.
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