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Are you a proud a CD Mommy?

If you are (and I know you are ^_^), do post your baby photos wearing a CD to SentuhanBayu Facebook Wall. We'll give you a free gift !!

OK, now what you should do ya...
1) Post the photo on SentuhanBayu Wall. You might need to like our fanpage prior to do so.
2) Create an account at
3) Inform me thru FB mail or that you've done 1& 2

Take note that I'll be sending the free gift using the address in your account in Do verify that the address is correct ^_^, as we will not be sending a replacement.

Happy Cloth Diapering, Mommies!!

Updates Feb 2nd :
Thank you for those who have registered. Take note that your free gift will be sent via registered parcel using the address in the account. Pls be reminded No replacement will be sent for free gift ya.

If you just found out that your name is missing from the list - DO CHECK YOUR SHIPPING ADDREES in the account.

Friday 3r…

Updates on FreeTime All In One PreOrders

I regret to inform you that there's a delay in shipment by Cotton Babies for my 2nd batch order. It will only shipped in the 3rd week of Feb. Thus, reaching our shore on 2nd or 3rd week of March.

Who are impacted?
- Nik Anita
- Rodzaimie Razak
- Amilia Mansoor
- Ayu Kustiani
- Lurnah Riyu

Updated ! Feb 24th 2012 : The order has departed from US. Yeay!! And we are expecting it to reach Sepang next Thursday.

Updated ! The stock finally arrived. All preorders will be shipped this week. ^_^

Murtad bukanlah suatu hak - Oleh ZAINUL RIJAL ABU BAKAR

ISU murtad kembali diberi perhatian oleh media massa sejak kebelakangan ini. Masalah murtad ini adalah polemik yang benar-benar berlaku di Malaysia. Ia bukanlah suatu rekaan pihak tertentu bagi meraih kepentingan-kepentingan tertentu.Hal yang demikian ini dapat dilihat daripada permohonan menukar nama atas alasan menukar agama. Begitu juga tindakan seseorang memfailkan suatu permohonan sama ada di mahkamah syariah ataupun mahkamah sivil untuk mendapatkan perisytiharan keluar dari agama Islam. Malah terdapat sebilangan orang yang membuat akuan bersumpah atau Deed Poll bagi mengesahkan beliau telah tidak lagi memeluk agama Islam. Begitu juga terdapat orang Islam yang bersekedudukan dengan pasangan bukan Islam sehingga melahirkan anak serta mengikut agama pasangan mereka. Facelift website is now with a new look. Check it Out!

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Is it okay to share your bed with your kids? By SHAMALA VELU

Sleep is good. That is, if you have a good night's rest and have not been muscled out of the bed by your kids.

If you are a parent wondering if you are doing the right thing by sharing your bed with your child, you are not alone.There are many parents who wonder if co-sleeping with their children is the right thing to do. Co-sleeping with babies is deemed a controversial issue as many believe it puts young infants at risk.Some experts say parents can hurt their baby if they accidentally roll over onto them. What will happen if baby gets smothered by a pillow or other bedding material?

That said, many parents believe sharing the bed with their brood helps to foster a bond between parent and child. It gives everyone a sense of security and everyone has a good night's rest. Experts are opposed to this, saying co-sleeping inhibits a child from becoming independent. So, should parents support co-sleeping?

Updates on FreeTime All In One PreOrders

Good News Ladies ^_^. It has finally arrived at my door. Yeay!!
I'll be busy packing all your orders this weekend.

For some of you, however, Cotton Babies announces that the backordered (in this case, my 2nd batch order) will only start shipping late Jan 2012. Since I have no clue when exactly they'll actually ship my order, I'm estimating it to arrive late Feb 2012. FYI, I'm taking a longer route, thus explains the very cheap preOrder price.

Whose order impacted ?
- Nik Anita
- Rodzaimie
- Amilia Mansoor
- Ayu Kustiani
- Lurnah Riyu

Thanks so much for your patience.

Beriman kepada hari pembalasan - Oleh DR. ZULKIFLI MOHAMAD ALBAKRI

FIRMAN Allah SWT: Dan orang-orang yang mempercayai hari pembalasan. (al-Maarij: 26)
Ibn Kathir berkata: Mereka yang yakin dengan hari akhirat, hisab dan balasan. Justeru, mereka beramal dengan mengharapkan pahala dan takut balasan seksa.
Al-Maghari berkata: Orang yang yakin dengan janji dan hisab-Nya, sudah pasti akan beramal seperti orang yang mengharapkan pahala dan takut kepada seksaan-Nya. Hal ini mereka tonjolkan melalui perbuatan perkataan dengan iktikad. Seterusnya mereka bertaubat dan kembali kepada-Nya.

Special Friday Deal at on Jan 6th

Salam Mommies & Friends,
Thank God its Friday again ^_^. We have something very special today. WeeHuggers are on the 24 hours Special deal!! Yes, this special offer will only runs for 24 hours & 1st paid 1st served basis. The stock allocated for this deal is also limited. No booking, sorry.

Are you waiting for the next auction? Okay, here's a heads up. New auction will be posted on SentuhanBayu Facebook Wall next week. So free up your time to auction.

Special announcements on Dec 2011 giveaway, some of you have not claimed your RM10 off voucher yet. Pls email me ASAP.

Zikirullah tunjang kekuatan Mukmin Oleh MOHD. ASHROF ZAKI YAAKOB

AL-QURAN merupakan kitab suci umat Islam yang menjadi rujukan utama dalam kehidupan seharian seorang Muslim. Segala saranan yang disebutkan oleh Allah SWT di dalam al-Quran wajar dan wajib untuk bersama kita tekuni dan mengamalkannya dengan sepenuh hati. Antara saranan yang sering diulangi dalam al-Quran adalah suruhan sentiasa berzikir kepada Allah SWT dalam setiap keadaan. Pastinya banyak kelebihan yang bakal diperoleh oleh sesiapa yang sentiasa berzikir kepada-Nya kerana terdapat banyak rahsia dan kelebihan di sebalik amalan berzikir.

Tidak seperti ibadah-ibadah yang lain, amalan berzikir tidak terikat dengan apa-apa syarat dalam melaksanakannya. Ia boleh dilakukan pada bila-bila masa dan keadaan malah amat digalakkan untuk memperbanyakkannya. Zikir menjadi talian terus seorang hamba untuk mengadu, merayu dan berhubung terus kepada Tuhannya. Setiap mukmin yang sentiasa mengingati Allah maka pastilah Allah juga akan sentiasa mengingatinya.

Why preschool is important - By LEONG SIOK HUI

Education is an investment, and it pays off in the long run. But when do we start bankrolling our child’s education? From preschool, say child development and early education experts.

Apparently, juvenile delinquency and high dropout rates amongst adolescents are rooted in the early years, according to a 10-year study spearheaded by social psychologist Datuk Dr Chiam Heng Keng in the late-1980s. A collaboration between her and the Faculty of Medicine at Universiti Malaya, the research involved 4,000 subjects, ages three to six, from four different backgrounds: Urban advantaged, urban disadvantaged, rural and estates.

All About Holidays - SentuhanBayu reads

Finally, this has been brought up in the news today. ^_^
MPC: Don’t misuse public holidays to take long breaks

PETALING JAYA: Malaysians should not misuse the coming consecutive public holidays to take long breaks from work as this will put the country's productivity at stake, warned the Malaysia Productivity Corp (MPC).It said the damage to businesses would be significant if employees were to take their annual leave during the string of public holidays, which begins with the Chinese New Year festival this month.
“We have to change this attitude of trying to stretch every public holiday to coincide with

Updates on FreeTime All In One PreOrders

Salam & Happy New Year!!
A) Good News
The AIO FreeTime orders - batch 1 is currently in transit & has reached Guangzhou -China. I'm estimating that it will arrive KL within this week. Thus, I'll start shipping out those orders probably next week.

If you placed an order AFTER Dec 11th, 2011, your order probably will arrive End of Jan or Early Feb 2012 under the 2nd batch.

B) The Not So Good News
Only applicable If your order for the Freetime AIO starts with 7.
When SentuhanBayu attempted to upgrade Interspire with Little Kittle last year, all the old orders can no longer be accessed. Therefore, I'm not able to see those order details anymore. Appreciate if you could forward me a copy your invoice mailed to you when you placed your order. Email those invoice

Sarah Chong Nik Anita Musannafah Rodzaimie Sarah Johar Alice Lim Munie Ahmad Amilia Mansoor
If your order starts with SB-*, nothing needs to be done. December 2011 Give Away Winner

Salam & Happy New Year to everyone!!!
I'm glad to announce our RM100 Gift Voucher winner - Jalita Rahaban.
To the rest of the participants, email me to get your gift voucher today ^_^
Thanks so much for your support.