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Six M’sians arrested for spoofing

PETALING JAYA: Thai police have nabbed six Malaysians in Thailand for their involvement in an international spoofing syndicate.
Federal head of Cyber­Security and Multimedia Investi­gation Division Asst Comm Mohd Kamaruddin Md Din said the Bukit Aman Commercial Crimes and Investigations Department collaborated with their counterparts to conduct a raid at an apartment unit at Suphalai Park, Bangkok at about 2pm on Sept 27.

He said Thai police arrested the six suspects, all Malaysians in their 20’s and seized an assortment of items including a Voiceover Internet Protocol (VoIP) gateway modem, a laptop and several mobile phones.
The (VoIP) technology is used to replicate phone numbers of the police, Bank Negara and other govern­ment agencies.
“An assortment of documents were also seized in the apartment including Malaysian bank account details and mobile phone numbers,” he said, adding that this led police to believe that the syndicate was targeting Malaysians.
ACP Kamaruddin said the Bangkok syn­­dicate was similar to the “Bukit Aman syndicate” that has been ripping off unsuspecting victims of hundreds of thousands of ringgit by claiming that they were being investigated for alleged money laundering.
”The modus operandi was to tell victims that they were being investigated by foreign authorities for money-laundering activities and other illegal activities.
“They then tell the victims that they must transfer all their savings into an account, which is provided by the syndicate in order to verify that the funds are not linked to any cases,” he said, adding that victims were told the money would be transferred back to their accounts once Bank Negara had completed investigations.
He said the suspects would be charged for violating their visitor’s pass in Thailand before arrangements for their deportation back to Malaysia is arranged.
“We are investigating the case under Section 420 of the Penal Code for cheating,” he said.
It was previously reported that there have been 76 such cases reported nationwide amounting to losses of more than RM3.05mil between January and June.
There had been a total of 367 cases involving bogus police, bank and government officials during the same period resulting in losses of more than RM10mil.
Last year, there were 996 cases involving to about RM17.4mil in losses.

Malays must change freebie mindset, says Dr M
BANGI: The Malay community should work hard to reap rewards, instead of merely looking forward to receiving “free things”, said former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.
“I know many people in this country go for free things. But we should feel ashamed when we take something for free,” he said in his speech when launching the Ummah Unity and Economy Semi­nar organised by the Malaysia Isla­mic Welfare Organisation (Perkim) and Malay Chamber of Commerce here yesterday.
Dr Mahathir, who is the Perkim president, added that Muslims, who were among the poorest communities in Malaysia, should work hard to be financially stable.
“When you are wealthy, you can help develop your religion.
“For example, if you are rich, you would have the means to donate to the construction of mosques and so on.
Getting friendly: Dr Mahathir sharing a light moment with participants during the seminar at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia in Bangi yesterday.
“However, Muslims must know how to manage their finances well.
“There is no use being a billionaire if you spend more than what you have. You will only end up owing the bank,” he said.

 Dr Mahathir added that the Malays would lose their power in the country in the next 10 years if they did not unite now.
He said if the community was to split into different factions, they would become minority groups in the country.
“The minority cannot rule the country in a democratic framework, under which the majority rules,” said Dr Mahathir, urging the Malay community to be united based on their Islamic faith.
Dr Mahathir regretted Muslims in the country were not taught the importance of uniting from young.
“When we were young, our religious teachings taught us to be devout. However, these did not stress on unity among Muslims.
“The reasons as to why we should be united were not imparted to us either.”

Lost IDs? No need to tell cops
PETALING JAYA: Government departments no longer need a police report for lost or stolen documents like MyKad and passport when applying for a replacement.
Immigration director-general Datuk Alias Ahmad said those who lose their passports only needed to lodge a report with the department.
“They only need to make a report with us and we will blacklist the lost or stolen passport,” he said in an interview here yesterday, adding that the move had been implemented since June 27.
He said the department received about 3,500 cases of stolen, damaged and misplaced passports each month.
It was reported yesterday that the public would no longer need to lodge a police report for lost or damaged birth, marriage, academic and vehicle registration certificates, passports, driving licences and land grant.
Chief Secretary to the Government Tan Sri Mohd Sidek Hassan had said that the decision to abolish the requirement was made during a meeting on April 6 because police reports were a non-administrative practice and not provided for under any law.
Alias gave the assurance that those who stole and misused blacklisted passports would not be able to leave or enter the country.
“Once blacklisted, we will also send the information to other Asean countries and Australia with which we have an understanding on the matter,” he said.
A National Registration Depart­ment spokesman said police reports were no longer necessary to replace documents, including MyKad and certificates for birth, marriage, divorce, adoption and death.
“Of course, the applicants can still lodge a police report if they want to. To replace a lost or stolen MyKad, the applicant only needs to go our nearest branch. For first time replacement, the applicant needs to pay RM110.
“If it is for the second time, the fee will be RM210,” she said, adding that the fee for damaged MyKad was RM10.
“The applicant must however submit the spoilt MyKad to our officers,” she said, adding that once a person had applied for a new MyKad, the old one would be considered void and could not be used in transactions.
“Each MyKad has its own unique serial number. The old one will be cancelled once a new one is created,” she said.
She also warned that under the National Registration Act, those found with more than one MyKad could be sentenced to three years in jail or fined RM20,000 or both.
A Road Transport Department official said it had abolished the police report requirement since 2005 to replace driving licences.
“An applicant only needs to visit our nearest branch and bring along his or her MyKad, photo and RM5,” he said.

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