Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Prefold unfold

Most mommies shy away from this time tested cloth diaper. Simply being .... Prefold are so simple. Nothing fancy about it.
However, cloth diapers has changed now.

Therefore, i'd like to share on What i like about prefolds.

- dummy proof on washing ! I could just use any home laundry detergent. This just relieve me from headache trying to find 'The' diaper detergent.
- it hardly repell ! I have never has a need to stripwash my prefolds.
- it won't get smelly ! Especially due to detergent build up. I know plenty of CDing mommies has come across smelly CD. The moment your baby wee wee, you could smell the strong smell. This mostly happens to microfibre insert due to detergent build up.
- it is now pinless! Yes, you read it right. You could use it as Insert in pocket diaper or use it in trifold (fold it in 3) together with Diaper cover (ie Flip, Thirsties Duo Wrap, Weehuggers) . No more pins!
- easier to use while travelling ! Yes, use 3 prefold to 1 cover ratio. On 2 days 1 night away for vacation, you only need to bring 9 prefolds with 3 covers.
- it dries fast! Do i need to explain why?
- now the diaper covers are also comes in fancy prints & colors.
Check it out at SentuhanBayu.biz. Weehuggers, Flip, Thirsties Duo Wrap, Blueberry diaper cover.

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