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August 2011 Cloth Diaper Promotion Malaysia

Special Promotion this month .

1) Happy Heinys Clearance - Click here . Stock for the crazy low price are limited. So hurry !!
2) Want to get WeeHuggers for free ? Introduce SentuhanBayu to your friends & families ! Email us your name, Mobile Number, Address, Plus 10 Names with Email Address, Mobile Numbers. (Only valid email address & contact number, ya). Ends 31st August

Murah & Jimat hanya di Promosi bulan ini
1) Happy Heinys Clearance - Klik Sini . Stok untuk promosi ini adalah terhad.
2) Nak WeeHuggers Percuma? Kenalkan SentuhanBayu kepada rakan & keluarga anda. Emailkan kepada kami Nama, Nombor Telefon, Alamat DAN JUGA 10 Nama beserta email, nombor telefon. (Hanya email & nombor telefon yang sah sahaja ya). Program ini tamat pada 31 Aug.

Qualified Participants as follows :
1) Norsyahida Bt Othman (LD134189759MY)
2) Norazura Shamsudin (LD134189762MY)
3) Norisa Hisham (LD134189776MY)
4) Sarah Chong (LD134189780MY)
5) Syarifah Syazrah bt Syed Ab Mutalib (LD134189793MY)
6) Noor Shahida Binti Mahadzir (LD134189728MY)
7) Nor Marshaliza bt Shaidan (LD134189731MY)
8) Amelia Balkish binti Mohd Basri (LD134189745MY)
9) Nurdina Awanis bt Zakaria (LD134189802MY)
10) Wai Fong
11) Rabiatul Adhawiah Ismail
12) Azizah Mohd Amin
13) Farah Dinah Muhammad Razif
14) Nurul Azimah Bt Azizah Ariffin
15) Nurul Nazrah Mohamad
16) Farina Jamal
17) Norsalimah Setera Ali
18) mariani binti mohd rajab 
20) Mimi Najua Zainal
22) Shukriah Rosdi
23) Fatin Zawani Talib
24) Ilham Yunus

Sorry - Only 24 Qualified Participants Accepted.  Yang tak berjaya tu tak mengapa. Ada hadiah lain untuk anda ^_^
** Take note that your free Weehuggers will only be shipped in September.

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Bayu Cloth Diaper Club

All are invited to join our new group. This group will be our channel for PreOrders & Auction cloth diapers & any baby products under SentuhanBayu.

Simply send a request thru facebook:

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