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Flannel baby blanket for Irshad

A cozy blanket made from flannel. Prints designed by Valory Well. Sewn with love.... Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Shocking truths about parenting - Review by BRIGITTE ROZARIO

  NURTURE SHOCK By Po Bronson and Ashley Merryman Publisher : Twelve The title really does explain this book in two words. The book is all about raising children and the contents will be a shock to a lot of parents. Reading it, I was quite horrified with what each chapter revealed. It proved to be eye-opening, to say the least. The book reveals the results of a number of studies and research papers which prove quite a few methods of parenting to have the reverse results of what parents want. However, do note that for every research paper and study that proves one thing, there is usually another study to prove the exact opposite. So, although this book is recommended for all parents with pre-school to teenage children, it should be taken with a pinch of salt. What works for one parent, may not work for every other parent, after all.

Peluang Pekerjaan di SBSCKL

Sesiapa yang berhasrat nak tukar pekerjaan, boleh la gi site ni.

Soalan Mengenai Stripwash

Article is not in english Kali ni saya nak sentuh tentang stripwash. Bagi orang yg baru berkecimpung dalam CDing anak, ini adalah antara topik yang memeningkan kepala. Tapi sebenarnya tak lah sekompleks mana. Cuma pahamkan saja penjagaan sesetengah fabrik. 1) Stripwash tu apa? Kenapa nak buat? Lecehla nak buat stripwash. Sebenarnya, cloth diapering ni tak sesusah mana. Nak stripwash pun begitu juga. Ada pelbagai cara. Tapi sebelum tu, mari kita pahamkan dulu kenapa nak kena stripwash ni. Stripwash ni sebenarnya untuk buang baki2 sabun atau pelembut kain yang terlekat pada fabrik. Bila CD dah lama di guna, katalah dalam 6 bulan mcm tu, baki2 sabun etc tu makin banyak kan? Jadi kadar serapan makin kurang ( mostly tak perasan pun).Tapi yang paling tak tahan sebenarnya, CD akan cepat berbau bila dah kena kencing.  Kalau microfleece liner atau suedecloth pulak, air lambat tembus ke arah penyerap / insert so air kencing melimpah keluar dr CD. Masalah juga kan? So apa nak buat? Ada bany

WeeHuggers Owl are back in stock

SB is glad that the WeeHuggers are back in stock. All prints available for purchase except for Groovy (which is due to arrive end Sepetember). Shipping is free for purchase of RM350 onwards for Malaysia address. The cutest cloth diaper in town! To Purchase Click Here or simply browse it at

Apa bestnyer Happy Heinys Cloth Diaper ? By

Post kali ni saya nak citer pasal Happy Heinys One Size Pocket Diaper. Untuk pengetahuan, Sentuhanbayu tengah buat sale untuk Happy Heinys & promosi tamat sampai hujung bulan ogos ni sahaja. Normal price RM85, untuk bulan ini sahaja & hanya untuk stok terhad sahaja - Harga Sale RM69.90 sahaja. So , jangan tunggu lelama sebab harga offer macam ni memang tak kan ada lagi tahun ni. Ciri-ciri yang menarik: 1) Ada laundry tab untuk yang hook & loop closure ( atau nama lain velcro) 2) Sekarang dah ada version snap closure !! Yeay!!

10 tips for working mums - By The Career Mother

 am a mother of two young children and I would like to share a few things I have learned as a working mother. The following is strictly my own opinion. 1. Don't spend too many extra hours at work. I hold a full-time job as a lawyer and my job is as demanding as any other lawyers in this country. However, I make it a point to reach the office before 8.30am and leave at 5.30pm or 6pm. I believe that if you maximise your working hours, you should be able to complete your tasks by 5.30pm. It is meaningless to work in a company that expects you to work long hours, sometimes just for show. I think claiming for extra hours once a month is acceptable. Your family needs you more than your job needs you.

Tuition vs no tuition - Brigitte Rozario

Should primary schoolchildren go for tuition? Some parents believe they need the additional help only for subjects they are weak in, and often it is the language subjects. Others say it is not necessary at such a young age as they would then be missing their childhood. Let's hear what three parents have to say: Rina Thiagu-Kler

New toys for Mama

Ni la akibatnya pegi kedai dengan iman tak kuat. Langsung terbeli NV50 & 3034D. Tapi memang tak regret la sebab best bila dah dedua mesin ni. Senang nak siapkan my sewing project. - Posted from my iPhone

The lost photos of Great Cloth Diaper Change

These are the photos of the Great Cloth Diaper Change event that took place in Puchong. Thanks to Farhana of ClothDiaper Malaysia & her team for organizing .

PreOrder for Antsy Pants is now Open

PreOrder for Antsy Pants is now Open Price is RM88 (no Insert) , RM 100 (with Insert) Shipping is at flat rate RM7.60 for West Malaysia & RM10 for East Malaysia. Color : Gender Neutral.  Deposits : RM50. Non-Refundale ( I'm not going to run away with your money, but just to prevent backout buyer) Should you interested, pls either send me an email ( ) with your name, shipping address, contact number, size (1T-5T), & Quantity. This preorder will be closed when we reach 12 diapers. Buyers List : 1) Hanz - Size 3 2) Hanz - Size 3 3) Lisa - Size 3 4) Lisa - Size 2 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10) 11) 12)

New blueberry dino

- Posted from my iPhone

Kenali Raw Silk Liner

Inilah rupa raw silk liner yang ada di SentuhanBayu. Di buat oleh Cotton Babies, jad tak perlu risau tentang qualitynya. Memang mahal sket tapi berbaloi. Boleh didapati di Bagusnya guna Raw Silk Liner ialah dia sgt sesuai di guna utk :- 1) baby kulit yg super sensitif, & tak tahan dengan microfleece atau suede cloth. Simple solution. Tak yah nak buang cloth diapers comel2 yg dah dibeli tu . 2) kulit baby tengah ada rash & perlu sapukan ubat kat kulit. 3) prevent naik rash yg disebabkan kulat. 4) lapikkan di CD ketika baby tangah makan ubat antibiotik. Sebabnya, pada masa ni pH kencing lari sikit & memang senang naik rash kalau pakai diapers. Tak kesah la diapers kain ke diapers pakai buang. Cara guna sama saja mcm guna reusable liner yg lain. Cuma kena ingat , cuci dulu sebelum guna, ya. Since fabric ni tak boleh guna ngan ganas, manufacturer cadangkan cara cucian hanya cucian tangan. Hmmm, tapi saya pun malas juga nak asing2kan , so saya masukk

Kain Tweet Tweet & Summersong oleh Moda Fabric

:: This post is not in English :: Salam kepada pembaca blog ni. Tangan saya ni cukup gatal untuk menjahit 2 minggu lepas setelah 1 minggu break  (hmmm ni luahan dari sew addict ^_^). Jengok di bilik jahit, ada 2 ela kain yang dah lama tersimpan. Jadi apa lagi, panggil Meera sebab mamanya nak ukur. Ni ler gambar kain tu (sorry, gambar ni dr phone je). 1 ela Tweet Tweet by Keiki (Moda fabric) .... memang comel. 1 ela SummerSong.... very nice pink. Lining kat dalam, saya guna kain IKEA jer yg saya beli masa sale tahun lepas. Dah di potong2, ginilah lebih kurang rupanya. Saya potong 2 set sesiap, since nak buat 2 baju. Tak guna banyak pun.... 1 ela kain IKEA ni dah dapat 2  lining baju yg saya nak buat ni. Bila dah cantum, macam ni la rupa bentuknya. Nak tengok dua2 baju yang dah siap ni?

August 2011 Cloth Diaper Promotion Malaysia

Special Promotion this month . 1) Happy Heinys Clearance -  Click here  . Stock for the crazy low price are limited. So hurry !! 2) Want to get WeeHuggers for free ? Introduce SentuhanBayu to your friends & families ! Email us your name, Mobile Number, Address, Plus 10 Names with Email Address, Mobile Numbers. (Only valid email address & contact number, ya). Ends 31st August Murah & Jimat hanya di Promosi bulan ini 1) Happy Heinys Clearance -  Klik Sini  . Stok untuk promosi ini adalah terhad. 2) Nak WeeHuggers Percuma? Kenalkan SentuhanBayu kepada rakan & keluarga anda. Emailkan kepada kami Nama, Nombor Telefon, Alamat DAN JUGA 10 Nama beserta email, nombor telefon. (Hanya email & nombor telefon yang sah sahaja ya). Program ini tamat pada 31 Aug. Qualified Participants as follows : 1) Norsyahida Bt Othman (LD134189759MY) 2) Norazura Shamsudin (LD134189762MY) 3) Norisa Hisham (LD134189776MY) 4) Sarah Chong (LD134189780MY) 5) Syarifah