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The Cloth Diaper Everyone Recommends For Newborns - by Autumn Beck on January 17, 2011

Honestly, I wasn’t ever going to write this post.  Hadn’t crossed my mind.  Perhaps it is because I have been so caught up in the ultra soft bamboo or the prints-that-make-you-go-awwww or the newest, brightest toy on the shelf.  Yep, that’s probably it.
But, it was a comment made by one of you that got me thinking.
“I don’t know why you bother with all of this since Kissaluvs are such amazing newborn diapers. My ideal nb stash would just be these! They are absorbant and contain even the biggest bf poo.”
Kissaluvs were good enough for Paisley, my first cloth diapered newborn.  They worked for Sterling.  Are they still a good newborn cloth diaper?
Unarguably, yes.
When my mom was here she did a lot of loads of cloth diapers.  She saw all the ooey cuteness.  Her comment, “my favorite are those oatmeal colored fuzzy diapers you used with Paisley. Do you still use those?”
Kissaluvs cotton fleece fitted diapers are super soft. With the additional booster they are absorbent for long periods.  With Paisley I doubled up on the boosters and wouldn’t have to change her in the wee hours of the morning.
Kissaluvs fit under any cover. I have used Imse Vimse, Proraps, Dappi, Thirsties, BSWW and soakers- all work well mainly because Kissaluvs does its job of keeping stuff in.
I recommend checking, and for used KL0s (Kissaluvs size 0).  Buying them new with the recommended doubler makes them the same price as a number of other fitteds.  Kissaluvs – and Mother-Ease- always seem to be that brand of diaper you find in the big bag of donated diapers from your neighbor (I’ve never gotten one of those bags :( but quite a few of my friends have).
Oh, and in case you thought Camden was missing out on the Kissaluvs love…he may not look happy but he’s little tushy is cozy.

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