Monday, January 17, 2011

Can I call this Genius Aulad Van or Transport, or Bus ? No, I can't.

1) Have you seen this kind of van before? If you happened to have bad experience with them like i did in 2010 (read here) , take note that it can't be associated with Genius Aulad as now Genius Aulad is a registered trademark & a franchise.

2) The van is there purely from the good hearts of the Genius Aulad Centers to help out parents to send their children to Genius Aulad Centers safely. And also for their students to be able to recognize their transport & not ended up riding the wrong van or bus.

3)I'm sorry, I'm just reiterate what has been told to me by Puan Aminah & Puan Zaliza here.

What does it mean for me?

* Genius Aulad do not welcome a loud customer like me. So never criticize them online like I did.

* Instead of focusing on making an angry customer happy again, they've decided to take their anger on the unhappy customer. Which in this case.... me. Yes, the one that get the scolding is me, the customer. Not the one that makes the customer angry - which is Encik Roslan.

* I've been called for a meet up which ended up being scold because my earlier blog post has not mentioned that the transport arrangement are not part of Genius Aulad Registered Trademark & Franchise. Therefore any bad experience, bad behaviour done by Encik Roslan are not to be associated with Genius Aulad, the Registered Trademark & Franchise. |By the way, I've added the "do not associate" in my earlier post.|

* I can't expect Encik Roslan to give me a bouquet of flower with an apology note after his bad behaviour & use of words against me. He's not supposed to apologize to his customer.

* I've also been warned to change the title of my blog post. The title is not favorable to them since i used "horror with Genius Aulad".  My guess is if i put the title as 'Genius Aulad Icecream - Sedap Banget' or "Genius Aulad Van - The Bestest in ze world", they won't be as mad & certainly would welcome it.

* I've also been warned (with the sweetest smile & subtle way) that there's a potential of legal action taken if I'm still insisting to stick to my blog post title.

* My childrens will not be welcomed & certainly will not be accepted as their student. Simply because Mama demanded a certain level of service & considered as tough customer, might as well reject their application. A simple solution huh?

Sabor je laa.
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