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Why do some children have an aversion to studying?

31 January 2011 The greatest power struggle in our home is over school assignments. Our 11-year-old son simply will not do them! When we try to force him to study, he sits and stares, doodles, gets up for water and just kills time. Furthermore, we never know for sure what he's supposed to be doing. Why is he like that? Let me offer a short discourse on school achievement, based on years of interaction with parents. I served as a teacher, a school counsellor, and a school psychologist. As such, I became very well acquainted with children's learning patterns.

Fabric Glossary

Terry Burley Knit Terry: This is a super absorbent, heavy-weight (20-22 oz) plush knit terry with some stretch. It is the perfect material for making soakers, doublers, inserts or baby wipes. BKT can also be used to make an entire diaper but can end up bulky if you sew too many layers inside. Stretch Knit Terry: This is a thin, soft, stretchy terry which is not as bulky as burley knit terry and can be used to make entire diapers. You usually see this lightweight terry used in the baby towels and washcloths you buy in the store. Woven Terry: This is a non-stretchy woven terry like you find in towels and washcloths. It can become stiff and hard when used in diapers but some people have used it effectively without many problems. Sherpa: Sherpa is a type of knit terry that has been napped on one side. It is a wonderful soft and plush fabric (Kissaluvs have a sherpa-like finish) that is amazing next to a baby's skin. It stays soft wash after wash. It is great for entire diapers

Toward Greener Malaysia - Here's why you should consider Cloth Diapering

Why Cloth Diapers? Cloth diapers were the norm before the late 1940's when disposable diapers were invented. By the 1970's cloth was out and disposables were in. By the late 1990's a wide variety of studies had been published showing the ill-effects of disposable diapers on our environment and health. Consumers became concerned that disposable diapers could not be recycled, were adding a considerable amount of waste to our landfills, were polluting natural resources and contained potentially toxic chemicals linked to health issues. Cloth diapers began making a comeback and cloth diaper companies cropped up to satisfy consumer demand. The multi-billion dollar disposable diaper industry took steps to reassure consumers that disposable diapers were safe but the campaigns were not very effective. One company ended up paying fines to consumer protection agencies because of misleading statements and false advertising related to their claims. [1] Setting aside all debates over t

Attention Malaysian Mommies - Here's Some of the Cloth Diaper Styles

Prefolds: A prefold diaper is a rectangular cloth diaper that is sewn in such a way that the middle of three sections is the thickest, where absorbency is needed. In order to be waterproof, a prefold needs to be covered with a diaper cover/wrap. A prefold can be folded (in many different ways) around the baby's bottom and pinned with diaper pins or snappi fasteners. Or, more simply, a prefold can also be folded in thirds and simply placed inside a snug-fitting cover. A prefold can also be used as a stuffing material in a pocket diaper. Flat Folds or Flat/Square Diapers: These are single-ply square diapers. This is an economical diaper that you often find in stores. However, what you find in stores may not be very effective for diapering but may be used as liners. Flannel or birdseye are fabrics you can consider using to sew your own flat folds. Fitted Diapers: Fitted diapers look and work a lot like disposable diapers. They are contoured and have elastic (and sometimes gussets

After a year at GA

By looking at my daughter's message book Hehehe now i understand why their books were kept in school. The front pages gone, there's a chocolate & pink stains on some ( which i hv no idea what it is). - Posted from my iPhone

Haute Diapers at only RM19.90 per set.

Haute Diapers at only RM19.90 per set. Each set includes 2 microfibre insert. Offer ends Feb 5th. 2011 PLS TAKE NOTE THAT THIS IS SOLD AT COST PRICE & SOLD AS IS. NO RETURN OR EXCHANGE ACCEPTED .

Dealing with a defiant child

Our child is having behaviour problems at preschool. He becomes defiant when there's a change in the schedule or when the teacher asks him to switch activities. He wants to do things his own way and in his own time. How do we break him of this? We'd suggest that the solution to your problem may need to begin at home. It's rare for a child who is normally compliant and well-behaved with his or her parents to become defiant and uncooperative in other settings. You didn't mention anything about your son's attitudes and behaviour around the house, but is it possible that he's just as defiant with you as he is with his teachers?

The Cloth Diaper Everyone Recommends For Newborns - by Autumn Beck on January 17, 2011

Honestly, I wasn’t ever going to write this post.  Hadn’t crossed my mind.  Perhaps it is because I have been so caught up in the ultra soft bamboo or the prints-that-make-you-go-awwww or the newest, brightest toy on the shelf.  Yep, that’s probably it. But, it was a comment made by one of you that got me thinking. “I don’t know why you bother with all of this since Kissaluvs are such amazing newborn diapers. My ideal nb stash would just be these! They are absorbant and contain even the biggest bf poo.” Kissaluvs were good enough for Paisley, my first cloth diapered newborn.  They worked for Sterling.  Are they still a good newborn cloth diaper? Unarguably, yes.

Overwhelmed? Cloth Diapers 101 - by Autumn Beck on January 5, 2009

I love the story my pastor tells about Vince Lombardi.  After the Packers had lost 3 or 4 games in a row, Vince meets with his players in the locker room, holds up the football and says, “This is a football.” Mamas, I’m starting at the basics today.  I have been guilty of getting side-tracked by the oncoming players (too many choices), teeth shattering tackles (rashes and stink issues), and an over-sized defensive line (growth spurts and finding the right fit). All of those issues matter, but it’s when I lose focus of the main thing that I get overwhelmed.  They’re poop-catchers for crying out loud!  Yet, I’ve dreamed of the ultimate stash, buying the next hottest cloth diaper, or designing the next big hit in cloth diapering! So, breathe.  It isn’t as hard as it looks. Here are the Cliff Notes for Cloth Diapers 101.

Can I call this Genius Aulad Van or Transport, or Bus ? No, I can't.

1) Have you seen this kind of van before? If you happened to have bad experience with them like i did in 2010 ( read here ) , take note that it can't be associated with Genius Aulad as now Genius Aulad is a registered trademark & a franchise. 2) The van is there purely from the good hearts of the Genius Aulad Centers to help out parents to send their children to Genius Aulad Centers safely. And also for their students to be able to recognize their transport & not ended up riding the wrong van or bus. 3)I'm sorry, I'm just reiterate what has been told to me by Puan Aminah & Puan Zaliza here. What does it mean for me? * Genius Aulad do not welcome a loud customer like me. So never criticize them online like I did. * Instead of focusing on making an angry customer happy again, they've decided to take their anger on the unhappy customer. Which in this case.... me. Yes, the one that get the scolding is me, the customer. Not the one that makes the cust

10 communication mistakes parents make

18 January 2010 By BRIGITTE ROZARIO The way we communicate with our children today is a lot different from how our parents communicated with us. What used to be more of a one-way street is now very much two-way. Jamilah Samian, a certified professional trainer and author of Cool Mum Super Dad and Cool Boys Super Sons , believes that in order to engage the children of today we need to give them feedback while not stifling them.

7 things never to say to your toddler

12 January 2011 CHILDWISE By RUTH LIEW AROUND the age of 18 months, many toddlers have learned the power of the word “No” with authority. They start showing signs of possessiveness. Parents will often hear the word “mine” or see tears rolling down their faces when they do not get their way. After all, they are individuals who are learning to be independent. They need time to process the words they hear and understand the social behaviour they observe. They have yet to learn social innuendos, and they get confused by what the adults say and do. A teacher of a toddler noticed that a set of puzzles was returned to the wrong shelf. Instead of saying: “There is a set of puzzles on this shelf. It does not belong here. Let’s put it back to the place where it should be”, she remarked to the children: “Excuse me! Who put this puzzle in this shelf?” The toddlers were oblivious to her concern. They are not able to relate to what she said.

Cloth Diapering 101 - by Mary McCarthy

This article does not cover all of the benefits or attributes of using cloth but I hope it is enough information for you to make the best decision for your baby, for your family and for our earth.  Better for Baby  First of all, it is important to know why choosing cloth is superior for your baby. According to studies, 78% of disposable-diapered babies have diaper rash, compared to 7% of cloth-diapered babies. Cotton diapers are better for your baby because cotton "naturally breathes", while disposables (made of paper and plastic) don't have the breath-ability that cotton does. Thus, diaper rash occurs in more disposable-diapered babies. As I state in my email signature, "If you had to be in a diaper all day, wouldn't you want to sit in soft cotton?" 

Malaysian Moms & Dads! Your chance to try cloth diaper is here

Here's an effective way for you to try out cloth diaper.I have 3 new One Size pocket diaper. SunBaby , Kasihku Sayangku & Sweet Doll Baby . The retail price is between RM30 to RM55. But I'm letting it go for only RM25 each with shipping cost included. I also have plenty of preloved, in which I'll post it in this blog some time next week.

Cloth vs disposable diapers - Posted by: Brigitte Rozario, 2-Dec-2010 The Star

Cloth diapers are reusable, cheaper in the long run and have less impact on the environment. But, disposables are more convenient. All parents go through this debate - should you use cloth or disposable? Let's hear from two mothers who grappled with this question. Stacy Dong