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Make babywearing part of your lifestyle

Want to influence others? The best way is to make baby wearing a part of your lifestyle.


If you have read the other two articles in the past weeks (The importance of wearing your baby correctly, How to wear a heavy baby), and are now interested, I suggest making wearing your baby part of your lifestyle.

I have fallen totally in love with babywearing. What can I do to coax my family and friends to love it too?

First of all, you can talk, persuade and preach to your family and friends to wear their babies, but it’ll just fall on deaf ears if their hearts are not ready or open to it. I understand that one of the main reasons is the stigma attached to wearing babies.

In Malaysia, people might relate babywearing to maids wearing their boss' child in the “kain batik lepas”, and people might also relate it to the underprivileged who need to use the “kain batik lepas” as the means of their babies' transportation, due to not being able to afford a decent stroller. Therefore, wearing babies has been deemed by some as “uncool” and “not modern”.

You can start by sharing with your family and friends that people all over the world are wearing their babies and they’re pretty cool about it. They’re in fact embracing it. From Japan, China, Australia, all over Asia, London, Paris, Spain, all over Europe, and not to forget all over the United States as well. If seeing celebrities wearing their babies help, then ask them to Google some pictures.
TV host Irin Putri Azmi wearing her baby.

Apart from that, most importantly (from my experience) is to lead by example, as “seeing is believing”.

- Wear your baby every day or at every opportunity. For example, when you need to cross the street, put on that JumpSac ring sling, wear your baby. Let everyone see that babywearing is convenient, a life saver, not uncool and not an annoyance.

- At the airport, check in that stroller, have your JumpSac Orbit ready, and walk with ease with your baby on your back, boarding the plane, and getting off the plane with ease when you land, and collecting your luggage.

- While at the clinic, while waiting for your turn to get your baby immunised, wear your baby in the JumpSac ring sling, to settle him/her down.

- While vacuuming the house, doing the dishes or the laundry, put on the JumpSac Orbit. Wear your baby on your back. Baby gets attended. Jobs get done.

- At busy/crowded places or narrow walkways or with lots of stairways, put on that JumpSac Orbit or the JumpSac ring sling, and walk with ease with your baby attached to you.

- At the mall, take the escalator ride easily with your baby at your front or on your back.

- At wedding receptions, put on that JumpSac ring sling. Make attending a wedding reception breezy. If you have to, get a matching JumpSac ring sling to match your glamorous outfit.

Make wearing your baby part of your lifestyle. I’m pretty sure the babywearing charm will rub off on your family and friends once they see the fabulous benefits it brings to you. Have faith.

I’ll be going on a vacation at the end of this year, and am wondering if it is recommended that I just bring either the JumpSac ring sling or the JumpSac Orbit? We’ll bring no strollers this time. We want to travel light.

Yes, do bring them. You can wear your JumpSac Orbit and JumpSac ring sling when the surface you walk on is uneven, or when you need to climb stairs, do some hiking, etc.

Also, if you have a light stroller, and your kids generally like being in a stroller, I’d say, bring it. Your kid would have a place to nap. And when they’re walking or being worn, the stroller can be used to keep your stuff. Unless of course your kids are like my son who can never sit still let alone nap in our underutilised stroller ever since he was a newborn (he was colicky).

I’ll be going on a trip to Europe in February with my husband and my 2 ½-year-old toddler son, and we plan to bring the JumpSac Orbit carrier as our toddler’s “mode of transportation” in case he gets tired of walking. I’m also bringing the JumpSac ring sling in case he wants a cuddle. And yes, we’re ditching the stroller this time round (as from experience it’s always underutilised). And we plan to travel as light as possible.

Since my boy is already 12kg, we’d most probably be doing back carrying for the feel of weightlessness.

If he wants to nap, he can nap on my back or on my husband’s back, with the sleep hood fastened to keep his head in place and not flopping about.

You can follow Syazrina’s babywearing Europe travel in February at the JumpSac Facebook page ( or via Twitter at (

Article contributed by JumpSac.

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