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The importance of wearing your baby correctly


Wearing your JumpSac ring sling the correct way is liberating. It allows you to be able to enjoy wearing your baby and getting lots of things done without breaking your arm.

Here are some questions often asked by parents:

What is a ring sling?

A ring sling is a baby carrier made from a strong piece of cloth (single / double layer) and attached with a pair of rings, to make it adjustable.

Are all ring slings in the market the same?

No. The difference is in the shoulder design, padded or non padded, fabric and prints selection, fabric width, fabric length, ring type (aluminium, nylon, steel, etc), ring size, ring strength, sling tail style, with or without pocket, zippered pocket or open pocket, etc.

What are the key features of JumpSac ring sling that make it a good and dependable sling?

It is breathable and airy – suitable for hot & tropical climates
The shoulder is lightly cushioned / padded for that extra comfort
Easy to thread using aluminium rings
Promotes good seat positioning for baby.
There are 5 wearing positions:
- Tummy to tummy carry
- Cradle carry
- Hip carry
- Kangaroo carry
- Back carry
Lightweight and Folds up compact
Built-in nursing cover. The sling tail can be used to cover while nursing your baby.
Easy to care for: Put it in a net, and wash it in the washing machine. Wash separately.
Promotes bonding and calms fussy babies
Can withstand up to 15kg of weight depending on the fabric used
Tastefully designed with vast fabric and print selection
Hidden / Discreet zippered pocket to store key, money, diaper, etc.
Comes with a matching MiniSac (mini tote bag) that fits nicely under arm.
Baby-friendly and safe - the fabric and aluminium rings are non-toxic.

What is the easiest and the best position to carry a baby in the JumpSac ring sling?

The easiest and best position to wear your baby in the ring sling is the tummy to tummy position.
In this position, baby is held upright and baby’s legs are straddling your hips.

Can I see some wearing instructions?

Click here.

Can I use the JumpSac ring sling on preemies and newborn babies?

Newborn babies especially preemies would thrive from being held. So, yes, you can definitely wear your newborns if you follow the wearing instructions correctly. For preemies and really small babies (around 2kg), it would be much more comfortable to keep the baby’s legs inside the sling rather than outside when you’re wearing them in the tummy to tummy position. Make sure baby’s weight is supported by at the bum, rather than on the legs.

What’s the weight limit of the JumpSac ring sling?

The weight limit is from 10-15kg, depending on the type of fabric used.
The soft cotton ones which are suitable for newborns can carry up to 10kg.
The raw silk ones can carry up to about 13kg.
The linen blend and the linen ones is capable to carry up to 15kg of weight, which means you’d be able to use the sling till around 2-3 yrs old.

What is the major benefit of JumpSac ring sling?

The obvious benefit is that one of baby’s most important needs is met, which is to be held in the loving arms of their parents, which makes them feel secure and contented. We all know secure babies makes confident babies. The JumpSac ring sling helps calm fussy babies.

My baby has reflux, and he keeps crying all night. Can the JumpSac ring sling help calm my baby?

A baby who has reflux needs to be in an upright position instead of the lying down position. You can either hold your baby upright with your bare hands, and take turns with your spouse probably every 10 minutes or you can mimic the same bare-hand-carrying position, by using the JumpSac ring sling using the tummy to tummy carry as mentioned above.

I can definitely attest to this, as my very own son had reflux when he was a newborn till around 2 months old.

Wouldn’t the ring sling make my baby clingy? I wouldn’t want to be carrying my baby all the time.

As for me, I initially thought my son would be clingy and wouldn’t want to walk. But by the time he found his feet at about 1 year old, he didn't want to be carried any longer. I worried too much. Instead of him being clingy, I was the one having withdrawal symptoms. Bittersweet. I would still offer the ring sling to him, and he would occasionally be happy to be in the sling (when he’s sleepy, or just tired from walking, or when he wants to nurse.)

I just don’t get it; why go through all the trouble of carrying your baby when there are strollers available?

Because some places are just not stroller-friendly. I’m pretty sure you’ll almost always need the help of another person to either carry the baby or the stroller when you encounter places with stairways, folding and unfolding the stroller. If you’re in the mall, you would either have to brave the escalator or you’d have to take the detour to the lifts.

Wearing your baby makes your movement more mobile and agile. You’ll become more efficient. You’d now be able to take the escalator ride very easily, walk up and down the stairs with your baby attached to you, squeeze through tight spaces, etc. Your baby would enjoy the ride, you wouldn’t need to grapple with cumbersome strollers, especially when you’re out and about alone.

Also, I’ve seen parents pushing empty strollers with one hand, and carrying their babies in their other hand. I would say, it doesn’t hurt to get a ring sling to help you out.

It’s freedom and more. Very liberating. Try it.

What are the safety precautions that I should adhere to when using the JumpSac ring sling?

- For comfort and security, wear your baby up high and secure. Make sure the rings are at the “corsage” position.
- Always check that your baby is breathing regularly, and has good airflow. Never leave your baby unattended in the sling.
- Make sure there's enough space between baby's chin and chest. Baby's chin must never touch his/her chest, as this will block airflow.
- Check if baby is grunting, or fussing while in the sling, especially for babies without head control. That is a sign that baby is uncomfortable.
- Do not use your sling while cooking, running, or handling dangerous objects.
- Do not wear your sling too tight.
- Do not wear an uncooperative baby.
- Please use common sense when wearing your babies in the sling.
- Read all instructions at wearing your baby

I just found out about JumpSac ring sling and my son is already really heavy (12kg). Is there a carrier that would be able to support the weight really well? I need to go hiking.

Yes there is. It’s the JumpSac Orbit carrier, which allows you to carry bigger babies and toddlers well up to 20kg. It is fastened by buckles and has a very good shoulder and waist support. You’ll be able to wear your child fairly easily on your back. Watch out for the article regarding this next week.

For more information, email: or go to

Article contributed by JumpSac.

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