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Buy 5 Get 1 Free for Envibum, BumGenius, Happy Heinys & More

Just a reminder that is having a promo of Buy 5 get 1 Free (T&C Applies) PLUS you get RM20 voucher for your next purchase. This offer ends 5th Jan - that means you have 6 days left to make your purchase.

Buy 5 Free 1 T&C as follows:
* All the 5 must be of the same brand, variant & price.
* Applicable only for the cloth diapers.
* You may choose the color you want for the free diapers.
* First Pay first served
* The RM20 voucher is to be used for your next purchase & it is valid for one month.
* No voucher will be given once the voucher validity is expired.

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Instant and Pinless Shawl from Bokitta

These prints are on their way to Malaysia. All are in Maxi version which could cover chest area & solat ready.
 To book yours today, pls email us Stock id limited so first come first serve basis. Price is RM99 inclusive shipping for Malaysia address. 
1- Pink Paisley 

2- Scattered Flower Abstract
3- Spring Colors
4- Water Painting

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Kami di SentuhanBayu berbangga untuk memperkenalkan produk baru di kedai online kami.
ClearBlue Digital Pregnancy Test.

Produk ini adalah yang tercanggih di pasaran dimana ia bukan sahaja memberitahu yang anda telah mengandung, tetapi beritahu anda umur kandungan anda juga. Menarik, kan?
Pstt, even Fasha Sanda pun guna ni tau ^_^

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