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How do you encourage reading?1 November 2010

How do you encourage reading?
The Star, 1 November 2010

Book exposure

I really like books so I've been building a little library for my son hoping that he'll like to read. So we try to read to him at meal times too now because we don't have a TV set on the ground floor of the house (the TV is in the TV room upstairs and we hardly let him go to the TV room). We try to keep books in his play area and meal area and sometimes instead of whipping out a toy we whip out a book and keep him entertained. Hopefully, he will learn to like books that way. He loves picture books right now. He loves to just look at the pictures of trucks and trains. It seems like certain subject matters appeal to him. We also read him sometimes at bedtime. - Chong See Ming, mother of a 20-month-old boy

Public library helped
They love to read. We buy them books all the time. I think it started when they were younger when we lived in the United States for a while. The public library system over there is really good. You can go in, sit down, read the books, you can take them home, you can borrow videos, CDs, anything. So from there they got really interested in reading and now they just read all the time. They were six and three then. The funny thing about them is that when they were younger they didn't read nursery rhymes or bedtime stories. They went for science books, books about volcanoes …. They love to read and I'm very happy about it. - Michelle Nunis, mother of two boys aged eight and 11

Pass on your books
When I was as young as four years old I started to love reading and every year for my birthday I would request for storybooks especially fairytales for presents. I still have most of my books which I collected from young and I'm proud to let my children read what I had enjoyed as a young child. I have always taught them that reading widens one's knowledge and it is also a great pastime. Therefore, in my house there is a small sort of library with storybooks, encyclopaedias, Reader's Digest magazines etc. - Nurwina Mohd Som, mother of four aged eight to 20
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