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Penjimatan berganda dengan Bayu Diapers

Salam Semua, Hari ini saya ingin menulis bagaimana anda boleh berjimat dengan menggunakan lampin kain moden. Lihat saja gambarajah diatas . Secara ideal, bayi memerlukan 20 set lampin moden jenis poket. Hanya berbekalkan RM 600, anda sudah boleh menggunakan lampin kain sepenuh masa. Jika dibuat perbandingan, anda boleh berjimat sehingga RM8400.  Bukankah itu satu penjimatan yang amat besar? Saya rasa tidak perlu saya ulas panjang lebar dengan apa yang anda boleh buat dengan penjimatan wang sebanyak itu. Saya senyuuuuuum saja. HARGA PROMOSI INI AKAN TAMAT PADA 2 JANUARI 2011.

Cloth Diaper Tips on Leaking

Sentuhan Bayu : Attention Malaysian Cloth Diapering Mom! This is really good article. Pls read On . Why are my cloth diapers and/or diaper covers leaking?!? Dear Catherine; Help! My diapers and covers are leaking... With a good quality cloth diapering system, you should be experiencing almost no leakage. As a matter of fact, even "disposable" diapers are not leakproof - many parents find themselves trying several brands of "disposable" diapers before they find the one diaper that fits their baby best - to prevent leakage. However, if you are experiencing leaking problems with your cloth diapering system on a daily basis, something is wrong. Below is a list of things to check, that should help solve the problem: QUESTION: Did you wash your new cloth diapers before using them for the first time? New fabrics have a special chemical finish on them that gives them that "new fabric" smell and feel. This finish is water-repellent, and must be removed by

Malaysian owners of foreign-registered vehicles can buy RON95

By DHARMENDER SINGH PUTRAJAYA: Drivers of Singapore-registered vehicles can purchase the cheaper RON95 petrol if they are Malaysian and can produce their MyKad as proof of citizenship, said Deputy Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Minister Datuk Tan Lian Hoe. Tan said the reason for the restriction on the sale of RON95 was to prevent foreigners from enjoying the benefits of higher fuel subsidy and, therefore, sale to foreign-registered vehicles was still allowed provided the owners were Malaysian. She said there was a misconception among the public that petrol stations were illegally selling RON95 to foreigners when they witnessed vehicles bearing Singapore plates filling up with the cheaper fuel. "It would be unfair to place a total ban on sales of RON95 to foreign-registered vehicles because there are many Malaysians working in Singapore and a number of them drive vehicles registered in the republic. "That is why we told petrol station operators that they can

Assigning labels

CHILDWISE By RUTH LIEW Labels have the potential of limiting a child’s self-esteem. MANY adults think that by labelling children, they can help them be what they want them to be or change their behaviour. One parent said: “By telling my child that she is lazy, I hope she will be aware of this negative trait and change her behaviour.” This perception is something children find hard to understand. How children view themselves is based on the messages they receive from the people around them. They hear labels such as stupid, mean, conceited, kind, compassionate, pretty or ugly. They believe them and continue to act accordingly.Children often feel humiliated when they are told that they are lazy or stubborn. These negative labels stick until adulthood. Many siblings are estranged because they were told that they were the “smart one” or the “dumb one” in the family.We may all agree that negative labels are not good to use but what about positive ones? It is tempting to think that prais

Try everything vs focus on a few interests By Brigitte Rozario

When they are small, children want to try their hand at everything - art, music, judo, taekwondo, singing, drama and even dance. Should parents allow them to try everything or is it better to focus on one or two interests so that they can hone their skills? If they try out everything, isn't there a risk that they will become a jack of all trades and master of none? A clinical psychologist and a mother voice their opinions on the issue: Selina Ding Selina Ding, educational and clinical psychologist : First I would look at the child's intelligence and capabilities. If this child is intelligent and he or she is capable of handling all of these multiple activities and enjoys it, then why not? The child can become a multitasker and it's not a burden to them. But if the child is unhappy to go for that activity, is the activity the parents' choice or the child's choice? This is a good question. I find that nowadays kids are being sent for a lot of tuition, extra-curri

New & Frrrresher look.... perhaps

I must admit I'm up to something. I'm eying for a new & fresher template which are more pleasing to the eye. Let's target to have the new fresh template by christmas :)

Happy Heinys Ooga Booga Has Arrived!

Limited Edition of Ooga Booga by Happy Heinys. Stock are extremely limited and will not be listed in the Pls email me to purchase. - Posted from my iPhone

Paper Bags vs Plastic Bags: Which is Really Better?

posted by Samantha, selected from TreeHugger Aug 21, 2010 5:03 pm It's an age old question, when it comes time to check out when grocery shopping: paper bag or plastic bag? It seems like it should be an easy choice, but there’s an incredible number of details and inputs hidden in each bag. From durability and reusability to life cycle costs, there’s a lot more to each bag than meet the eye. Let’s take a look behind the bags. Where do brown paper bags come from? Paper comes from trees — lots and lots of trees. The logging industry, influenced by companies like Weyerhaeuser and Kimberly-Clark, is huge, and the process to get that paper bag to the grocery store is long, sordid and exacts a heavy toll on the planet. First, the trees are found, marked and felled in a process that all too often involves clear-cutting, resulting in massive habitat destruction and long-term ecological damage. Mega-machinery comes in to remove the logs from what used to be forest, either by logging truc

Rubbish - Think seriously about it

Sentuhan Bayu. I do welcome this. It should be extended to the whole Malaysia & not restricted to Saturdays. Monday November 8, 2010 Rubbish - Think seriously about it Monday Starters - By Soo Ewe Jin YOU can take a Penangite out of Penang, but never the Penang out of a Penangite. Few in the Penang diaspora scattered around the country – primarily in the Klang Valley – and all over the world will disagree with me on this statement. Somehow, no matter how far we are, or how long we have been disconnected from the island, any news from there, good or bad, is bound to perk our interest. When it was announced last Tuesday that the state’s “No Plastic Bag” ruling would be extended to every day from the beginning of next year, it was the top-read and the top-emailed story on Star Online. I am quite sure that the majority of those captivated by this news item are Penangites. Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said feedback from 73 participants of the Declaration to Reduce the Use o

Guilty again

How can i not fall in love with this cute diaper? This is going to be my 1st ZORB diaper. - Posted from my iPhone

Incinerate our waste we must

SentuhanBayu: This article is from The Star newspaper today. Incinerators is a must have now but it only solve part of the problems. What we need is a more responsible citizens & government should encourage people to create less waste. ie Give incentives for those who reuse or recycle or Create an awareness to the public Tuesday November 2, 2010 Incinerate our waste we must Stories by TAN CHENG LI Like it or not, we are resorting to incinerators to tackle our waste woes. THE controversial waste incinerator project in Broga, Selangor, may be off but the Government has not given up plans to build huge burners that will quickly and conveniently reduce all our filth to ash. Incinerators, together with landfills, remain as one of the options to dispose of the 1kg of trash which each of us generates daily. Currently, construction of five small incinerators in remote, far-flung sites are nearing completion. The one in Pulau Pangkor is now undergoing testing. The plants in Langka

Bayu Printed PUL

Yes, finally Bayu diapers now comes in prints too. Here's a sneak peak. It is a one size diapers with 2 inches longer than the v1.It also has generous size pocket at the back. Look at the photo below. The liner is grade A soft microfleece. And it comes with 5 cute prints! - Posted from my iPhone

How do you encourage reading?1 November 2010

How do you encourage reading? The Star, 1 November 2010 Book exposure I really like books so I've been building a little library for my son hoping that he'll like to read. So we try to read to him at meal times too now because we don't have a TV set on the ground floor of the house (the TV is in the TV room upstairs and we hardly let him go to the TV room). We try to keep books in his play area and meal area and sometimes instead of whipping out a toy we whip out a book and keep him entertained. Hopefully, he will learn to like books that way. He loves picture books right now. He loves to just look at the pictures of trucks and trains. It seems like certain subject matters appeal to him. We also read him sometimes at bedtime. - Chong See Ming, mother of a 20-month-old boy Public library helped They love to read. We buy them books all the time. I think it started when they were younger when we lived in the United States for a while. The public library system over th

Many retailers see downtrend in spending in M'sia

The Star, Monday November 1, DAVID TAN GEORGE TOWN: The consumer retail market is expected to be weak in the second half as consumers are becoming more cautious with their spending. Although the latest Nielsen Global Consumer Confidence Survey showed that consumer confidence in Malaysia has risen to 99 index points in the second quarter from 98 in the first quarter, the rise in confidence level was not reflected in purchasing pattern.The Nielsen Co managing director Kow Kuan Hua said in a recent report that consumers were cautious about the economy in general, with 78% saying they continued to change spending habits to save on household expenditure. “For now, consumers are likely to be prudent, particularly on discretionary items such as out-of-home entertainment, upgrading of personal computers and mobile devices,” he added. Consumer products makers and retailers such as Pensonic Holdings Bhd, Senheng Electric (KL) Sdn Bhd, Star Electronics Sales and Services Sdn Bhd and