Friday, October 15, 2010

Do you really save when using disposable diapers?

Yes, and Big YES.

No doubt, here in Malaysia we are lucky to have one of the cheapest disposable diaper around. Because of that, we Malaysian get very lazy to calculate how much we spend on our babies.
Many moms will simply dismiss it by saying " It's my own child, don't be so calculative"

But what about spending your money smartly sound to you?

Here's a simple calculation. (with assumption your baby doesn't go thru diarrhoea episode which require diaper change every 5 minutes...)

Disposable Diaper needed:
1st year - 8 to 10 diapers
2nd year - 6 to 8 diapers
3rd year - 4 to 6 diapers

Cheapest disposable diaper in the market = RM0.30 each
Let's calculate:
1st year = RM1095
2nd year = RM876
3rd year = RM657
Congratulation! You have just throw RM2628 in the garbage bin . Multiply that for each baby you have. Hmmm scary. I don't even want to know.

If you are using something like Mamy Poko, Premium range ofHuggies or Pampers, which i think cost around RM0.60 or more.
1st year = RM2190
2nd year = RM1752
3rd year = RM1314
Congratulation! You have just throw RM5256 in the garbage bin. Again, multiply that for each baby you have. Even scarier.......

And mind you, that doesn't include gas for endless trips to buy the diapers, road toll, parking fee etc

I'd rather put that amount of money in my child's education fund.......

Cheers!! :)
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