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Hidden Talent

BumGenius New Artist Series

Yes, BumGenius finally come out in prints! Simply wonderful. It does comes in both snaps & velcro. SentuhanBayu is now opening it for preorder @ RM89.90 per set. To preorder - email ! p/s: My personal favorite is the black one. Looked so elegant. (drooling)

Mothering Article Convinces Mom to Switch to Cloth Diapers

May 30, 2010

A recent Mothering article by Jennifer Margulis has convinced one mom to switch her child from disposables to cloth diapers.

A post on her blog, The Moonlit Nest, explains "A month ago I read an article in Mothering magazine about cloth diapers. I found myself sickened thinking of the sheer volume of plastic diapers I'd already tossed into the landfill thus far in my mothering career. Cloth diapers had always seemed too inconvenient and too stinky for me. But this article really opened my mind to the possibilities..." Read the full post.
So, what was this convincing article that made a cloth convert out of this mom? It's "The Diaper Dilemma" from the May/June 2010 issue - if you haven't checked it out already, read it here or grab a digital subscription for immediate access. Plus, don't forget to view our cloth diapering how-to section for some great videos to guide you in your decision.

More Articles from

Which dishwasher detergents are the greenest?

By Cris Carl, Networx

A walk down the dish product aisle in most local supermarkets and you'll see a bevy of new cleaning products. The common denominator that companies are reaching for in many products is low or no phosphates.

Phosphates have been the primary cleaning agent in dishwasher and laundry soaps for a long time. But as of July 1, 2010, 16 states have banned phosphate content in cleaning products to 0.5 percent. Up until now, companies could get away with content up to 8.7 percent.

Low phosphate dishwasher detergent, while better for the environment, has proven to be lackluster in many cases in its ability to clean. Here is some overall information about low-phosphate cleaning products and how they work in dishwashers.

First of all, why are phosphates in dishwashing detergents being banned?

Phosphates are noted to cause an increase in algae bloom as well as other aquatic plant life. More algae equals less oxygen for other aquatic life, i.e., fish. In other words, you…

Will spanking make a child violent?

25 October 2010

I have never spanked my 3-year-old daughter because I am afraid it will teach her to hit others and be a violent person. Do you think I am wrong?

You have asked an important question that reflects a common misunderstanding about child management.
First, let me emphasise that it is possible - even easy - to create a violent and aggressive child who has observed this behaviour at home. If he is routinely beaten by hostile, volatile parents or if he witnesses physical violence between angry adults or if he feels unloved and unappreciated within his family, that child will not fail to notice how the game is played. Thus, corporal punishment that is not administered according to very carefully thought-out guidelines is a risky thing.Being a parent carries no right to slap and intimidate a child because you had a bad day or are in a lousy mood. It is this kind of unjust discipline that causes some well-meaning authorities to reject corporal punishment as a method of discipli…

Before you buy Halloween face paint, read this - By Dan Shapley

Posted Fri Oct 22, 2010 1:00pm PDT

The Food and Drug Administration is warning parents to be wary of Halloween face paint, which the agency has limited jurisdiction over.Halloween costume makeup is recommended as a good alternative to masks for kids who will be walking the streets trick-or-treating, since masks can obscure vision. But Halloween face paint can have toxic ingredients (like lead and mercury) if not formulated according to the law; it can cause reactions in those who are allergic to certain ingredients; and it can cause reactions if applied to the wrong parts of the body.

The FDA recommends these simple steps to keep safe:

1. Follow all Halloween face paint directions carefully, including warnings against using around the eyes.

2. Don't decorate your face with products, paints, and colorings that aren't intended for your skin (and check out The Daily Green's 14 favorite homemade Halloween costumes for kids and adults).

3. If your Halloween face paint has a v…

Stock Update & New Prints in Sentuhan Bayu Cloth Diaper Store

Both Safari White & Safari Blue has been restocked. And the best part is - IT IS ON SALE! Retail Price is @ RM42.90. Now it is only RM32.90.

And new prints has been added as well. Check it out!

Can chemicals be washed off your produce? By Maria Rodale

Posted Thu Oct 21, 2010 4:38pm PDT
I often get asked if you need to buy those produce washes to clean off your fruits and veggies, especially if they are not organic. My gut instinct has told me two things: One, a little bit of soap and water works just as well, and doesn't cost much. And two, I have always suspected that you can't really wash those chemicals off. It's both good and bad to know, now, that I was right.

A recent study of soy beans reported in Beyond Pesticides Daily News Blog, done by the University of Toledo, shows that the chemical triclosan -- a pesticide used in antibacterial products; remember, I have said never to use them! -- actually runs off into water and the waste materials that are used to treat the crops (if they're not grown with organic methods). The triclosan is taken up in all parts of the plant, including the bean. So, the chemical is INSIDE the plant and can't ever be washed off.

How many times do I have to tell y'all to eat or…

Reports over bosses mistreating pregnant staff on the rise

THE STAR. Thursday October 21, 2010

KUALA LUMPUR: There has been an increase in the number of reports from women workers who claim their employers discriminate against those who are pregnant.
Among complaints normally given by employers is that pregnant women under-perform in their duties.
MCA public services and complaints bureau head Datuk Michael Chong said he has received six complaints from women who alleged their bosses gave them a hard time, leading them to resign from their jobs.
Citing an example, Chong said one woman complained that her employer always nagged her for going to the toilet so often.
“She had to explain that she could not avoid it as she was pregnant,” he said, adding that the complainant also alleged she was put in “cold storage” by not being assigned the tasks she usually did before her pregnancy.
“Unable to take it any more, she resigned from her job,” Chong told a press conference here yesterday.
He said it was traumatic for pregnant women, who had worked to…

Do you really save when using disposable diapers?

Yes, and Big YES.

No doubt, here in Malaysia we are lucky to have one of the cheapest disposable diaper around. Because of that, we Malaysian get very lazy to calculate how much we spend on our babies.
Many moms will simply dismiss it by saying " It's my own child, don't be so calculative"

But what about spending your money smartly sound to you?

Here's a simple calculation. (with assumption your baby doesn't go thru diarrhoea episode which require diaper change every 5 minutes...)

Disposable Diaper needed:
1st year - 8 to 10 diapers
2nd year - 6 to 8 diapers
3rd year - 4 to 6 diapers

Cheapest disposable diaper in the market = RM0.30 each
Let's calculate:
1st year = RM1095
2nd year = RM876
3rd year = RM657
Congratulation! You have just throw RM2628 in the garbage bin . Multiply that for each baby you have. Hmmm scary. I don't even want to know.

If you are using something like Mamy Poko, Premium range ofHuggies or Pampers, which i think cost around RM0.60 or more.

Sales & Promo Update From Sentuhan Bayu

All Autumnz Diapers at only RM32.90

Green Tips: Say No to Plastic Wrap

Next time you run out of plastic wrap in your kitchen, don’t replace it. Any product which is made from petroleum-based plastics and is intended to be thrown away after a single use should be ringing some serious alarm bells for us all at this point, and plastic wrap is among the worst of these products, both for your health and for the environment. Plastic wrap manufacturers generally add in softening chemicals called phthalates, which are known to cause hormonal disruption and developmental problems, and have been found to drift into food. You can get by very easily without plastic wrap, say no to plastic wrap and opt to use aluminum foil and reusable containers instead.

A simple gift with Great Heart

Thanks to DiapersAsia forumers, 2 bundles of used cloth diapers has arrived. I'm really excited.

These diapers & baby clothings are to be donated to Mr Saiful ( in which i forgot his full name) from Kg Batu Laut. He's a sole bread winner of his family. Though he's young, but with very low income, he is to support his wife, a bed ridden mother in law, a 2 years old son & premature twins.

For those who wish to donate preloved cloth diapers & any baby product which is in good use condition, please ship it to the following address of the Ketua Kampung;

Bajuri Abdullah Fakeh
Jln Dewan, Kg Batu Laut
42800 Tg Sepat
+60 13 393 5164

Cloth diapering & poo handling

How do you handle poo on cloth diapers? Hahaha this is one of the top question bombarded to me.

To answer your question , it is the very same way you handle it with disposables.

- With disposables, first you shake the solid into the toilet. Fold the disposables a little, then throw it in the bin.

- The same goes to cloth diaper.
First you shake the solid into the toilet. Then spray the remaining solid. No need for you to even touch the poo. Keep the diaper in a pail. On laundry day, just wash it as what you'd normally do with your baby clothings.

The only plus is with cloth, you can use the diaper again & again.

Now mommies & daddies..... Isn't that a lot if saving? For the same amount of money you throw to the bin , might as well you put it in your child education fund!

Happy Cloth Diapering Everyone!!!

- Posted from my iPhone

Genius Aulad - Happy to Solat CD

I got this VCD from Genius Aulad only recently. I must say, I bought it out of curiosity.
My my.... I must say I LOOOOOOOVVVVEEE It.

Mind you, the VCD is not teaching how to solat. But it teaches the value of solat & making solat more fun. I couldn't help myself but sing-a-long & read the prayers aloud too.

Its a actually a short play acted by the GA students. The story is simple to understand. Its about a princess...... err should I tell the story?? I better not. I think you should watch it yourself. Happy to solat everyone!

Malaysia's One & Only with Cloth Diaper Nappies For Rent

Diaper for rent at only RM 5 per month? Bayu Rental comes in 10pcs set & 3pcs set. Here are more details:

Cloth Diaper For Rent
Use this set on your baby for 90 days, and then, when you've decided that cloth diapers works best for you, return it for RM 180.00 store credit. Parents have said that while purchasing the diapers they USE has saved them a lot of expense, so I've created a set of diapers that you can see, touch, and even TRY, and then send back!

This set includes One Size Pocket Diapers Shells, and Inserts . Most of these diapers have been tried by others but are in great condition. You will receive information on how to use and how to care for them. Plan to order this set 1-2 weeks before your due date so that you have time to become familiar with them, wash the new ones, and put everything away before baby arrives.
How the Test-Drive Program Works:You will pay to ship them back, and the method is up to you. But I must receive them to issue credit, so some people u…