Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Store & Promo Updates From Sentuhan Bayu - Malaysian Mom's Favorite Cloth Diaper Store

Dear Mommies & Friends,

Just came back from a long Raya Vacation. For those who wants to get Duit Raya, do email me by midnight 26th Sept & put the title " I want Green Packet".

Good news to you. Get RM10 off each diapers by using this promo code JIMATRM10. These includes AUMTUNZ new minky prints, BAYU diapers, ENVIBUM new colors & Happy Heinys lovely prints.

The BumGenius 4.0 will be on sale till 30th Sept. Don't forget to check out the new items in the store. My favorite is the Stay Dry Insert socks which is very useful & can be used in any covers & diapers.

Another new products that are coming:
1) BumGenius Refreshal Pack

For International Customer - Pls email me to get Shipping discounts especially for IKEA fabric.
Did you know you could get extra cash at Sentuhan Bayu? Just write a review on the product listed here (not necessarily you bought it from this store), inform me your email & I'll send you RM2 gift certificate for each product review. So more reviews, more cash for you! Now isn't that lovely? You could even get a cloth diaper for free now ;-)

Feel free to share this news with your friends & families. ;-)

Earth Loving Mama,
Lily Bajuri
Sept 20th 2010

1) Check out the Item on Sale! You couldn't get that price anywhere.
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