Friday, August 6, 2010

Malaysian Mom Cloth Diaper Tips on FLIP by Sentuhan Bayu

I'm sure some of you have come across this hybrid diapers. It comes with either a stay dry liner ( which really that  what it does - Stay Dry!) or organic liner. What i like most about this diaper is it allows me to be creative.

1) You know that Econobum prefold? The econobum prefold can fit nicely in the cover. I've been using it as alternative cheap insert & at the same time the absorbency is reliable. Typically, on a non-travelling day, I'd be using that method in which - 3 prefold to 1 Flip cover ratio (hehehe being a lazy me) . So for the whole 12 hours, I just need 2 Flip covers, 2 Flip Stay Dry insert & 6 econobum. Now Isn't that very economical? Not to mention that the drying time is also shorter, and space saving too.

2) OK now you need to travel. No fret! Use the same method above but this time around use disposable liner on top of those liners. The best is if you could get flushable liners. If the baby poo poo, you just throw those poo into the toilet & easily pre rinse the Stay Dry Insert or Econobum prefold & put it in the wet bag.

3) The 3rd  option is of course you could use the disposable Flip insert. But, this is not a cheap option I must admit but it is very convenient.

I'm sure you have creative ideas with your FLIP diapers. Share it with me, OK

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