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Breastfeeding help for dads - By Melissa Corkhill

Breastfeeding mothers were asked to share the best ways that their partners could lend a helping hand, in a survey last week. Most men enjoy helping and looking after their baby as much as women do. However, the closeness that breastfeeding mums enjoy excludes them from the feeding and nurturing their offspring and can leave some men feeling left out or redundant.

Husbands and partners play a huge part in enabling mums to breastfeed successfully for as long as they wish to do so. Their supportive role should not be underestimated. Women are not always good at identifying what their partners can do to be most helpful. Many women acknowledge that a good partner is a great father and that they are often the unsung heroes of successful breastfeeding.

Real Baby Milk’s ‘Top Tips for Dads’ are the frequently cited suggestions of 60 breastfeeding mothers. Most men would like to find the best way to support their breastfeeding partners but aren’t always sure of the best ways to do so.

So here…

How do you teach your child to manage money?

Sentuhan Bayu: My eldest one is 4 years old & barely understand what is money. But I find this article useful. I think I'll go with the allowance approach.

26 July 2010

Boxes for budgeting
For the older ones, I just give them instructions on how to budget their money. With the younger ones, I give them boxes and I tell them how to divide up the money. So I tell them that one box is for spending (10% of their allowance), another box is for future spending (another 10%), another box is for play (10%), for gifts (10%) and the rest might be for necessities. So they each have about five boxes in which they divide their allowance. This way, they know how much they can use and from where it's coming from. I've told them if the money is in the play account they can finish it; if it's for future spending they have to save up for what they want. - Cafflin Wee, mother of three girls and one boy aged seven to 16

Starts with allowance
They get a weekly allowance and they seem to…

Six perfect plants for dorm rooms - By Carol Thompson

Sentuhan Bayu: Read this article. I need to add another plant to the list - Money Plant. Not sure what's the scientific name but I used to have that on my desk in my office. The easiest plant to take care of.

Posted Fri Aug 20, 2010
Plants are unique decorations that pay off in other ways besides aesthetics. Besides improving the air quality -- and the overall smell -- of a room, plants create a calming environment that's perfect for hardworking students. But having a dorm plant does require a little responsibility, so make sure you choose one that will definitely pay off. The perfect dorm plants are tough enough to tolerate low light and water levels (just in case), and won't grow too big for an already cramped room.

Check out our list of the best dorm room plants to decide which is right for you!
Dwarf Lemon Tree
It doesn't at first seem logical to put a tree in such a notoriously cramped space, but a dwarf lemon tree can work in many dorm rooms. The trees can grow u…

10 Steps to Beat the Bulge - by Michelle Schoffro Cook Feb 18, 2010

Do you have a spare tire, love handles, or a belly bulge left over from the holidays? Or maybe it’s been accumulating for more than a few seasons? Did you have your cake, drinks, cookies and turkey dinner–and eat them too? Don’t fret. Here are a ten simple tricks from my best-selling book, The Life Force Diet (Wiley, 2006) that can help you make 2010 the year a lighter and healthier year:

1. Drink plenty of water throughout the day to beat dehydration. Alcohol consumption, fatty foods, and insufficient water are some of the main reasons people feel “hung over” and heavy from the holidays. Every cell in your body needs adequate water to function properly so try to drink at least 2 Litres a day to flush fat and toxins out.

2. Take a high-quality B-complex and vitamin C supplement, both of which are depleted by alcohol consumption and stress-and chances are you had both during the holidays and many days since.

3. Eat fruit in the morning on an empty stomach-fruit is the best food to keep…

Nine ways to lose weight with home decorating - By Chaya, selected from Networx

Perhaps the nation's "obesity epidemic" is something that can be cured by a few changes in home decoration. Well, maybe not cured, but certainly impacted. It's well-known that lifestyle choices, such as what you eat, and how often you exercise can have a big impact on your waistline and your health. But making healthy choices isn't always easy. Simple changes in how you organize your home can support your efforts to shed pounds. Here are nine home decorating ideas that could prevent obesity:

1. Place your television in a room without a couch.
This sounds ridiculous, I know, but it works. Laziness is something you can use to your advantage: If it takes effort or discomfort to sit and watch TV, you'll spend a lot less time doing it.
Put your TV in your unfurnished basement or attic. You'll spend a lot less time sitting and watching it and you'll transform your living room. The focal point of a living room without a TV is human interaction -- couches fa…

Attention to Babies Cutest Smile Parents

Dear Mommies & Daddies,
I'm happy to announce that all the contestant gift certificate of RM20 has been sent out. Check you email Inbox (and SPAM box). If you need assistance in placing your order online & claim your gift certificate, email me at

Earth Loving Mama,
Lily Bajuri

Cloth Diapers Are Great for Lazy & Cheap People (Not Just Hippies)

Sentuhan Bayu:
After reading this article, only then I realized yeah! Modern Cloth diapering has indeed helped & made for lazy people. For example, I don't have to monitor disposables stocks at home like i used to & monitor the price in the stores (ieTesco, Giant, Speed99, carrefour have different prices). Mind you, as a mother I have to remember which stores are having the best price before went off to buy those sposies.  And I don't have to walk down 5 floors & 20 meters to throw garbage daily. Well I live in a small apartment, so soiled sposies smell does smell. Or maybe my nose just a little too sensitive. With cloth diapering, I just need to throw garbage once in 3 days. Hahahah talking about convenient. But I have to agree to this writer, the only thing I hate is to stuffing it. Well even so, it is not a big problem. Outsource that activity to your loving husband, yeah!

Posted by Christie Haskell on August 16, 2010 at 3:15 PM
I've always known the typically…

Cash in your mailbox

This is a message for the SentuhanBayu Babies Cutest Smile Contest.

Mommies & dadies,
Check your mailbox today. I've sent out the RM20 Gift Certificate for the 1st batch yesterday. Another batch will be out today.

Lily Bajuri

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Duo first to be charged with baby dumping in the country - The Star News

MALACCA: An 18-year-old factory worker and his 17-year-old girlfriend became the first couple in the country to be charged under the Penal Code for baby dumping. The couple pleaded guilty yesterday to the offence, which carries a maximum sentence of seven years’ jail, a fine or both. Mohd Zolhalmi Khamis and
the girl, both from Felda Jelai, Gemas, Negri Sembilan, were charged under Section 317 of the Penal Code for intentionally abandoning a child below the age of 12. At the outset, magistrate Mohd Fairuz Johari explained to the girl that although she was a minor, she had to be in the dock together with her boyfriend owing to the nature of the offence.
“However, sentencing against you will be different,” he said.

Mohd Fairuz deferred sentencing to Sept 28 pending a probation report.The couple, both workers in the Diabochi factory at the Ayer Keroh Industrial Estate, left their newborn baby girl in a dumpster outside the factory at about 1am on Aug 11. The baby was rescued at 5.20am by …

The Winning Smiles...

Annoucing the Cutest Baby Smile Winners!!

Dear Mommies & Friends,
Announcing The Cutest Baby Smile Winners.

EnviAqua Winner - Baby Nur Ain Barira
BumGenius 3.0 Winner - Baby Darren Foo
Happy Heinys Winner - Baby Jeyanethra

To the rest of the contestants, do check your mailbox ya. I'm sending you the RM20 Gift Certificate for you to shop at Sentuhan Bayu!

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Earth Loving Mama,
Lily Bajuri

A peak on my new stash

Now aren't these yummy??

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Only 60% of online businesses registered - The Star Malaysia

JOHOR BARU: Only 60% of the 2,000 local online e-business operators have registered with the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM), said enforcement unit senior director Muhammad Redzuan Abdullah.

He said the commission was monitoring online businesses to prevent consumers from being cheated.
“We receive an average of eight such cases yearly. Among them are customers who had made payments but did not receive the goods they ordered and get-rich-quick scams,” he said, adding that foreigners were among those who were cheated.
Muhammad Redzuan said SSM usually advised complainants to make a police report while the commission conducted its own investigations.
Errant business operators could be charged under Section 12(i)(a) of the Registration of Business Act 1956, which carries a one-year prison sentence and a maximum RM50,000 fine upon conviction.
“It is important for online business owners to register with SSM to enable better monitoring,” he said. Applicants just need to log in to the…

2,000 jobs up for grabs - The Star Malaysia

PUTRAJAYA: More than 2,000 jobs are to be made available at the Labour Department's Job Placement programme on Thursday, the Human Resources Ministry said in a statement Wednesday.
Some 30 companies would be participating in the one-day programme to be held at the Padang Kelab Kilat TNB in Perai, Penang, from 10 am, it said.
The companies would conduct walk-in interviews, and job-seekers would also have the opportunity to register and seek employment through the ministry's JobsMalaysia portal, it said.
JobsMalaysia is a free online jobs recruitment centre that also enables employers to advertise vacancies.
Job-seekers can pick jobs based on their qualifications and experience," the statement said.
The people would also be able to get more information on skills training opportunities at the ministry's industrial training institutes, it added. - Bernama

Sentuhan Bayu : Ok young ones.... grab those jobs.

Pumping vs nursing - By ELAINE DONG


WHEN you breastfeed, you’ll get to know certain words like the back of your hand, words like “pumping” or “expressing”, “feeding directly” and “feeding exclusively”. For my elder daughter, because of my inexperience, I expressed and fed her from a bottle, almost from day one. There were some feeble attempts in the beginning to feed her directly from the breast, but both baby and I were too impatient to learn the proper way of latching on, so I gave up. Feeding from the bottle was easier, I thought. The leaflet I took from the hospital said that feeding from the bottle allowed another caregiver to help me with the numerous feeds a newborn would need.

But expressing was a lot of work. I pumped every two hours to make sure milk production is maximised. You see, the human body is fantastic. It has the ability to produce as much milk as your baby needs.So when you pump every two hours, your body reads the signal: this…

Earn Cash from Sentuhan Bayu.

Very simple. Every product review you post on will entitle you RM2 cash vouchers. The more you write, the more cash you get! Just remember to drop me a mail & I'll send to you the vouchers within 48 hours ;-)

Scents that men and women like and dislike - By Lori Bongiorno

You don't need to spend a lot of money on fancy perfumes and colognes to attract the opposite sex. You're better off if you stick with simpler scents, particularly those that are food-related, says Alan Hirsch, MD, director of The Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation.

Dr. Hirsch, who has been studying how smells affect moods and behavior for the past 25 years, says he was intrigued by the results of an early study. A group of male medical students were more responsive to the scent of cinnamon rolls than all the perfumes put together. Follow-up studies in the general population yielded similar results.

"If your aim is to entice the opposite sex, you're better off with some Good & Plenty or pumpkin pie,"says Dr. Hirsch, who explains that perfumes and colognes contain different man-made compounds that can be harmful to the environment and your health. This is great news for those who are concerned about recent reports of toxic chemicals found in …

BumGenius 4.0 - at RM75.90

The BumGenius 4.0 has arrived & i'm giving out the promo code 'BG40' so that you could get at RM75.90. Stocks are limited however. First paid first served basis.

Next batch is the snap version. If you'd like to book it, drop me an email;-)

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Yummy Dress

I made this from Michael Millers fabric. The prints are just so yummy that i decided to make just a simple dress out of it. A little bow at the top, and a row of dots at the bottom. I want people to focus on the cakes. Aiiyohhh now i'm hungry.

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Malaysian Mom Cloth Diaper Tips on FLIP by Sentuhan Bayu

I'm sure some of you have come across this hybrid diapers. It comes with either a stay dry liner ( which really that  what it does - Stay Dry!) or organic liner. What i like most about this diaper is it allows me to be creative.

1) You know that Econobum prefold? The econobum prefold can fit nicely in the cover. I've been using it as alternative cheap insert & at the same time the absorbency is reliable. Typically, on a non-travelling day, I'd be using that method in which - 3 prefold to 1 Flip cover ratio (hehehe being a lazy me) . So for the whole 12 hours, I just need 2 Flip covers, 2 Flip Stay Dry insert & 6 econobum. Now Isn't that very economical? Not to mention that the drying time is also shorter, and space saving too.

2) OK now you need to travel. No fret! Use the same method above but this time around use disposable liner on top of those liners. The best is if you could get flushable liners. If the baby poo poo, you just throw those poo into the toile…

SAHP - Giving up a career or gaining a worthwhile one? By GAYATRI UNSWORTH

When my husband and I first found out about my pregnancy, naturally one of the first questions that arose was who would be looking after the baby? In a country where childcare is often outsourced to foreign maids or local babysitters, it seemed a no-brainer to pay someone else to look after our baby.

Yet, neither of us felt comfortable with the idea of placing the safety and well-being of our future child in the hands of virtual strangers. The constant stream of news reports highlighting the latest child abuse and neglect cases also did little to boost our confidence in the possibility of such an arrangement and so we began considering other options.

I was fortunate that my mother is semi-retired and offered to look after my baby once I returned to work, after the two-month maternity leave period. This arrangement worked wonderfully to begin with and I went off to work fully reassured that my child was in good hands and was being given all the love and care that she needed.However, as…

Promo Updates from Sentuhan Bayu

Dear Mommies & Friends,

Can't believe it's already August! Which means its time to announce the winner of the Cutest Baby Smile Contest. I must admit the response is overwhleming. Now I'm in trouble because there're so many cute smile on my Fan Page wall.

I'll be announcing the winner in 2 weeks time. So do drop by to this site to check out the winner. And all participants (that means each baby) will get RM10 RM20 Shopping Voucher!!

The long awaited Pink Envibum is now here. Click Here to Buy
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For every RM100 spent, you'll get RM20 rebate in a form of store credit. How it works? You place an order with total value of more than RM100, pay your order as usual & I'll ship the item. At the same time I'll give you RM20 for your next purchase

You want to get extra cash at Sentuhan Bayu? Just write a review on the product listed here (not necessarily you …

Cutting down the paper trail - By ALLAN KOAY

One college shows the way in saving paper.

ON the 10th floor of Inti College’s corporate offices in Subang Jaya, Selangor, there are only two printers, or more accurately, multi-function devices. Clearly, those days of having at least four individual machines to fax, scan, copy and print are slowly but surely becoming a distant memory.

Zulaifah Abdul Ghani, Inti Education Group chief financial officer, is showing me one of these multi-function devices which can carry out those four abovementioned tasks, and more, such as sending scanned documents directly to one’s e-mail. In fact, all staff members’ e-mail addresses have been programmed into the machine and are just a touchscreen away when one needs to send a document their way.

Of course, devices such as this are no longer a rare sight in today’s offices. But what catches my attention is how none of the 40 staff members on the floor comes to use the device to print or do anything else all the time we are there. The 40 share two of th…

Nappy free living - By Melissa Corkhill

When Sohani Crockett first heard of the concept of 'nappy free', it seemed quite daunting to her but she was keen to discover how it could work and what effect it might have on her relationship with her baby. Learn about her experiences of elimination communication in this article.

“Mum!” I say excitedly down the phone. “Betty went to the toilet like a big girl today, while JM and I chanted ‘poo poo, poo poo’ beside her.”

“Goodness,” my mother replies, glossing right over the chanting. “Isn’t that rather bizarre for a two-week-old?”

Unusual, maybe, in a world where parents are advised to start toilet training their children at 24 months, but not bizarre. Betty and I are practicing Natural Infant Hygiene: forgotten skill and lost art of toilet communication – in simpler terms, pottying from birth.


At our mother and toddler group, the other mums are equally surprised. “What, you actually take her to the toilet?” they exclaim. “So young! How does it work?” Well, in th…

Five foods that will help you snooze - By Lisa Turner

It has been a sleepless several nights for me, mainly because of troubling events. But it made me start thinking about food, and how it's intimately connected to our patterns of sleep. If you can't sleep, and life is calm and happy, maybe it's something you ate -- or didn't. The foods we eat can dramatically affect how much, and how well, we snooze. Some calm and relax, some wake up the nervous system, and some just downright wire you for the night.
What you should eat for deeper sleep depends partly on your patterns. If you toss and turn before drifting off but then doze soundly for the rest of the night, you might benefit from adding slow-burning carbs (beans, sweet potatoes, berries) to your evening meal to prompt the production of serotonin, a brain chemical that promotes calm.
If you zonk out quickly but wake up a few hours later, you might be suffering from blood sugar fluctuations. I've tried a high-protein snack before bed -- a handful of walnuts, a spoon…