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Sentuhan Bayu Promo Updates !!

Special Updates:

1) Bayu Diapers is now sold at less than RM30 & comes with 2 inserts. Limited Stocks!

2) Clearance on BumGenius 3.0. We are making room for BumGenius 4.0.

3) Preloved KS diaper is up for grab at RM19.95 . 10 units available.

Dear Mommies & Friends,

I’d like to introduce our new store product – Diaper For Rent. First Time in Malaysia. A perfect way to discover the benefit of cloth diapering at a fraction of the cost. What’s good about rental is you get your money back after 3 months of usage. So no headache or heartache on your side when your baby all grown out of diapers. At this time we could only provide this service for Malaysia address.

Mark your calendar, that from 19/07/2010 to 31/07/2010 I’m giving out RM20 voucher!! T&C Applies.

I'm also organizing The Cutest Baby Smile Contest. You'll got a chance to win either 1 set of EnviAqua or 1 set of Happy Heinys or 1 set of BumGenius . And all participants will get RM10 RM20 Shopping Voucher!! To participate is easy. Just post you baby's photo (with the cutest smile) on the Sentuhan Bayu Facebook Wall with your email. Contest ends July 31st.

Feel free to share this news with your friends & families. ;-)

Earth Loving Mama,

Lily Bajuri

July 5th 2010

p.s :

T&C for RM20 vouchers & RM20 Store Credit.

• Order must be paid within 48 hours. Otherwise it’ll be cancelled

• Not applicable for Diaper Packages, Preloved Sale & Best Buy Items

• Not applicable for Fabric, IKEA & Burt’s Bees Products

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