Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Twitter users stranded as service suffers major outage

PETALING JAYA: Popular micro-blogging service Twitter experienced one of its more serious outages in recent months, leaving millions of its users worldwide stranded.The service's notorious "fail whale" error message, which appears on the site whenever there is a service disruption, surfaced at about 10:30am local time Tuesday. A statement posted on Twitter's service site acknowledged the problem and said the disruption was the result "the failed enhancement of a new approach to timeline caching."

The statement added that the company's infrastructure and operations engineers were currently working to resolve the problem and that a status update would be posted soon. Problems with the service started on Saturday, and users reported several incidences of poor site performance and a high number of errors.A post on the Twitter engineering site attributed those errors to one of its internal sub-networks being overwhelmed in terms of capacity.

According to statistics from web performance monitoring company Pingdom, June is shaping up to be the worst month in terms of outages for Twitter since October last year. At press time, Twitter has been down for four hours and 56 minutes so far this month, compared with five hours and sixteen minutes last October (you can view the Twitter uptime chart here: bit.ly/11gXN). Twitter said users may temporarily experience missing tweets from their timelines but these would be restored as soon as possible. No estimated time was given to fix the problem.
Since its creation in 2006, Twitter has gained popularity worldwide as the prefered way to communicate on the Internet and keep abreast of news and events. Although Twitter does not release figures on the number of users it has in Malaysia, it certainly runs into the hundreds of thousands and includes personalities such as Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak as well as a host of brand names that use the service as a means to reach out to a broader new media audience.

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