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Sentuhan Bayu Promo Updates !!

Hello & Salam to All Mommies,
There're less than 3 days left for the Envibum Cheeky Cheeky Offer. Normal Retail price is at RM 105 but only for a limited time you can get it at RM 79.95 ! This Offer ends on 30th June.

And to all momies that have yet to post their cute baby smile on the Sentuhan Bayu, please do so. You're going to get RM15 off shopping voucher just by participating in the contest. The winning prize is 1 set of Envi Aqua, 1 set of Happy Heinys Cowhide Print ....... and due to so many cute smile on Sentuhan Bayu Page, I'm giving 1 set of BumGenius too. My bad, i just can't resist those cute smile.

Green Loving Mama,
Lily Bajuri

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