Monday, June 14, 2010

Fixing Elastics For the worn cloth diaper - Malaysian lazy mommy style

As more and more malaysian moms using cloth diapers for their babies, i'm pretty sure the time will come where your cloth diapers elastics become worn out. Usually happens after a year of intensive usage. This is why i come up with this tutorial. Mind you, this tutorial might not be the best, but i can assure you that it is the simplest method which can't go wrong.

What you are going to need:
1. Scissors . Yes, the small one that have sharp pointy tip.
2. Needle .
3. Elastics. 1/4" Size.
4. White threads
5. Safety Pin

Here's a photo of my cloth diaper with loose elastics.

I'll continue my tutorial on my next postings ;-).

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