Friday, June 25, 2010

All in One Cloth Diaper


The All in One (AIO) cloth diaper is exactly as it sounds. It is a fitted diaper that has both the inner soaker and the outer waterproof layer combined into one piece. Much like disposables in how they go off and on, these cloth diapers are often preferred by day care facilities over other cloth diapering systems.

AIO Pros
There's quite a few reasons which contribute to the AIOs popularity.
They truly are easy to use, making it a good choice for parents unsure of cloth diapering as well as day care.
Available in a huge variety of fun prints and colors and may shopping may provide "retail therapy."
Can be more trim than other cloth diapering options.
For older babies who don't sit very still during changes, the all-in-one design makes for a quicker change.

AIO Cons
One of the major negatives to All In Ones is that they don't hold up as well over time as other cloth diapers. This is due to the fact that, comparitively, they require longer drying times. That amount of time in a dryer wears down both the absorbancy of the diaper and the waterproof outer layer. Additionally, All in One diapers are not as economical as options like prefolds and waterproof covers.

Tips for All in Ones
All in Ones can be a great choice because of their ease of use and are great for when you are out and about, but they may not be the best option as the bulk of a diaper stash. Consider supplementing your All in One diapers with other options that have shorter drying times and greater longevity of use.

Also Known As: AIO
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