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Winter Sonata star dies in apparent suicide-TheStar.Com.My

SEOUL: A popular South Korean actor and singer was found dead Wednesday in an apparent suicide, police and a news report said.Park Yong-ha, 33, apparently hanged himself in his home in Seoul, Yonhap news agency reported, citing police.
An official with Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency told The Associated Press that Park was found hanging by the electric cord of his mobile phone battery charger. However, police were still trying to determine the exact cause of death, the official said on condition of anonymity, citing department policy.

Park debuted in the late 1990s and starred in the 2002 television drama “Winter Sonata,” which drummed up a following in Japan and Southeast Asia. He held several concerts in Japan and one of his fans was said to be its former first lady Akie Abe.Yonhap reported no suicide note was found but that Park told his family “I’m sorry. I’m sorry” while massaging his father, who is terminally ill with stomach cancer, early Wednesday.South Korea has the highest …

Having an Eco Baby - By Huddler's Green Home Community

Having a baby is tough (aside from the obvious difficulty of the process itself), but we're constantly assaulted with a need for more baby stuff. Here are some tips to maintain your shade of green while keeping your baby happy and healthy. Anyone have other ideas? Add 'em below:

A Green Nursery
Before baby is even born, you can get baby in the green vibe. When designing the nursery keep in mind earth friendly and baby friendly.The wall paint or wall finishes: If you use conventional paints, VOCs (volatile organic compounds) will leach toxic fumes over the years; fumes you can't smell. So go low VOC or better yet, nontoxic. Don't forget the floors! Your baby is going to be crawling all over the place sooner than you know it. Check out these eco-friendly options: Cork, bamboo, and this concept by the company Flor where the carpet comes in 19"x19"-sized "tiles" that you pop into place. You can mix and match, and when a tile gets too dirty to clean, you …

Sentuhan Bayu Promo Updates !!

Hello & Salam to All Mommies,
There're less than 3 days left for the Envibum Cheeky Cheeky Offer. Normal Retail price is at RM 105 but only for a limited time you can get it at RM 79.95 ! This Offer ends on 30th June.

And to all momies that have yet to post their cute baby smile on the Sentuhan Bayu, please do so. You're going to get RM15 off shopping voucher just by participating in the contest. The winning prize is 1 set of Envi Aqua, 1 set of Happy Heinys Cowhide Print ....... and due to so many cute smile on Sentuhan Bayu Page, I'm giving 1 set of BumGenius too. My bad, i just can't resist those cute smile.

Green Loving Mama,
Lily Bajuri

14 ways to keep cool in your home without air conditioning - By Becky Striepe

Here in the South, the weather has definitely taken a turn toward the sweltering. There have been some unseasonably warm days already, with highs in the 90s, and the temptation to flick the switch on that A/C unit to "on" is very strong. Before using the air conditioner, consider this: Home cooling accounts for 5 percent of the energy we consume in the U.S. each year. That's about 140 million tons of CO2 emissions annually!
Here are some ways to fight that urge by keeping your house cooler naturally.
1. Keep the shades drawn during the day. When sunlight streams through the windows, it creates a miniature greenhouse effect in your home.

2. Reflect the heat. If you do want to open the windows, consider investing in some reflective window film to help keep the heat outside where you want it to be.

3. Let the cool evening air in. If temperatures are on the chilly side after the sun goes down, crack a few windows open to let a breeze come through and cool the house. Just be…

A mother first - By RUTH LIEW

Mothers may choose different paths for themselves but their roles and responsibilities remain the same.
I HAVE often been asked: “Who is better – the working mother or stay-at-home mother?” Mothers who want to quit working, want to know whether they are making the right choice. While mothers who are full-time home-makers want to know how it will affect their children when they join the workforce.
Whether working or stay-at-home, all mothers share the same fears and concerns. They wonder whether they are feeding their children right or spending enough time teaching them the right values.
You should always feel that you are doing your best for the children. Whether you work or stay at home, you are a full-time mother. There is no place for guilt. If you look after your children with knowledge, skill, love and patience, you are the kind of mother that deserves the highest recognition.

I grew up with a working mother whose own mother was a stay-at-home parent. When I was growing up, my mo…

All in One Cloth Diaper


The All in One (AIO) cloth diaper is exactly as it sounds. It is a fitted diaper that has both the inner soaker and the outer waterproof layer combined into one piece. Much like disposables in how they go off and on, these cloth diapers are often preferred by day care facilities over other cloth diapering systems.

AIO Pros
There's quite a few reasons which contribute to the AIOs popularity.
They truly are easy to use, making it a good choice for parents unsure of cloth diapering as well as day care.
Available in a huge variety of fun prints and colors and may shopping may provide "retail therapy."
Can be more trim than other cloth diapering options.
For older babies who don't sit very still during changes, the all-in-one design makes for a quicker change.

AIO Cons
One of the major negatives to All In Ones is that they don't hold up as well over time as other cloth diapers. This is due to the fact that, comparitively, they require longer drying times.…

Mom punishes daughter by parading her naked in public

A mother has been charged with abusing her eight-year-old daughter by forcing her to parade naked on the streets of Hong Kong. She committed that act to punish the girl for damaging a fan. According to the chargesheet, the naked girl was spotted wandering near a commercial mall in Tuen Mun on June 18.
A passer-by bought her clothes at the mall before calling the police. The girl was sent to a hospital where doctors found bruises on her arms, legs and chest. Police investigations revealed that the girl was beaten by her mother with a clothes hanger after she broke a switch of an electric fan. After the beating, the mother removed the girl’s clothes and pushed her out of the house, ordering her to parade through the streets.The mother, a 35-year-old ex-beautician, admitted that she had used the wrong way to punish the child.She pleaded guilty to the charge of abusing her daughter at a court on Wednesday. The court has set July 7 for sentencing. The mother was released on bail.
Source: …

Envired Cloth Diaper by Envibum is in Malaysia

Its on promo price now. Visit our store today

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Australia gets 1st female PM, Rudd ousted

TheStar.Thursday June 24, 2010
CANBERRA, Australia: Australia got its first female prime minister on Thursday after the ruling party dumped Kevin Rudd and installed his deputy as leader.Julia Gillard will lead the government to elections due within months.She stood unopposed at a vote of the Labor Party's 112 lawmakers at a meeting Thursday, hours after a revolt against Rudd.
"I feel very honored," she told reporters afterward.Rudd didn't even stand for reappointment in the vote - a signal that he knew his support had collapsed.Rudd had ridden high in opinion polls as one of the most popular Australian prime ministers of modern times until he made major policy backflips, including a decision in April to shelve plans to make Australia's worst polluters pay for their carbon gas emissions.The leadership change is unlikely to alter Australia's key policy positions, such as its troop commitment to Afghanistan.Since she is leader of the majority party in Parliamen…

40 fantastic uses for baking soda - By Melissa Breyer

Sentuhan Bayu: I have yet to try any of these, But I'd like to try it someday.Enjoy this article!

Most of us know that baking soda can be used for more than just making homemade cookies and other dough rise. It's not uncommon to see an open box of this leavening agent deodorizing refrigerators, for example. But did you know that there are at least 40 different ways to use baking soda?
Baking soda makes a perfect stand-in for many personal care, cleaning, and deodorizing products. The list of benefits is long: It is inexpensive, free of toxic chemicals, versatile, and effective.
Wondering how baking soda, aka sodium bicarbonate, works its magic? It helps regulate pH — keeping a substance neither too acidic nor too alkaline. When baking soda comes in contact with either an acidic or an alkaline substance, its natural effect is to neutralize that pH. Beyond that, baking soda has the ability to retard further changes in the pH balance, known as buffering. This dual capability of …

Stop throwing money away - By Lori Bongiorno

There's no question that disposable items can be incredibly convenient sometimes. But if you stop and think about it, they're not all they're cracked up to be. While it might be quicker to throw something in the trash when you're done using it than washing it and putting it away, you do have to have to spend time going to the store and buying the same products all over again. The costs for buying products again and again can really add up.

Plus you're not only throwing away your hard earned money. You're also disposing of the resources used to make the throwaway products and unnecessarily sending things to the landfill.No one is suggesting that you stop using disposables altogether, just that you give it a little more thought. Some disposables are hard to live without (such as diapers), but the items on the list below will be barely noticeable once you change a few habits. You'll need to spend a little money up front to save down the line.
A family of four…

Clearing up routine - By RUTH LIEW

Get your kid to put away his own toys.
OVER the years, I have asked many parents how they managed to get their children to clear up after playing with their toys. Apart from those who choose to pick up after their children, the parents who want their children to do things for themselves have tried many time-tested solutions with their difficult subjects.
One mother of two boys, aged two and five, tells her children that the toys belong to whoever picks them up.
Before picking up the toys, she would make a big deal about how excited she is to get the “Captain” toy because both boys have refused to pick it up and keep it.If the boys do not move quickly enough, the toy becomes hers, at least for a while.According to her, they usually come running.The key is to follow through and remove the toys that the children do not help put away. Most of the time, her boys only pick up one or two toys. They still need to be prompted to clear up.

The parents of a girl who is almost three, are proud t…

Sentuhan Bayu Promo Updates !!

Dear Mommies & Friends,

This week promo: Envibum at ONLY RM 79.95. Its a limited time offer. Promo is valid from 21st to 30th June.

We are still having sales on our BumGenius & Happy Heinys this month. All are at only RM 79.90. These are the best diapers in the market & most favorite brand in the U.S. Indeed a good bargain which you can’t miss.

If you are into sewing & handcraft, don’t forget to check out the Fabric Station. We are bringing you the IKEA Designer fabric to you.

I'm also organizing The Cutest Baby Smile Contest. You'll got a chance to win either 1 set of EnviAqua or 1 set of Happy Heinys . And all participants will get RM10 Shopping Voucher!! To participate is easy. Just post you baby's photo on the Sentuhan Bayu Facebook Wall. Contest ends July 31st.

Feel free to share this news with your friends & families. ;-)

Earth Loving Mama,
Lily Bajuri
21st June 2010

Marlo Top

My weekend project finally paid off. Here's the result :-)

This is my 1st try on the Marlo Top pattern which i got from SisBoom. This time around I was using Japanese Cotton. Its a designer prints but as usual I won't be able to remember the name. I bought it simply because I love the prints. ;-)

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Full of derring do - By RUTH LIEW

Life is one big adventure for four-year-olds.
TURNING four is a happy time for many children. Four-year-olds like telling silly jokes. They are imaginative and can make up many stories with unbelievable plots and incredible feats.Four-year-olds are well-known for using “colourful” language. They do not use profanity like some adults would, to hurt. They like to laugh out loud when they say words like “stupid” or “bum bum”. They are just curious to observe the reactions of people when they say certain taboo words.

Four-year-olds like to try new things and show off what they can do. They can sometimes be “daredevils” when it comes to trying out dangerous tricks or jumping down from a height. They need close supervision during playtime. Parents and caregivers must constantly remind them to be mindful of safety when they are playing.
Children this age are keen to participate in daily routines. Let them join in the food preparation and cleaning-up at home. Show them how to wring a cloth o…

Cutest Baby Smile Contest Update

Wow, I can't believe my eyes. There are more than 30 cute smiles on my page right now!!!

Brunei Sultan divorces Azrinaz after five years

Thursday June 17, 2010 - TheStar

BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN: The Sultan of Brunei has divorced his Malaysian wife after five years of marriage. Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah, one of the world’s wealthiest men, married Azrinaz Mazhar Hakim, a former Malaysian TV news journalist, in 2005. Azrinaz gave birth to the Sultan’s 11th child, a baby boy, less than a year later and a daughter in 2008. Brunei’s palace announced on state television and radio late yesterday that the Sultan had divorced Azrinaz and revoked all her royal titles.No other details were made available, AP reported. The live broadcast at 8pm yesterday is also available on the Radio Television Brunei website at
The 139-second footage, shows the special announcement made by the Grand Chamberlain, Pengiran Haji Alauddin bin Pengiran Paduka Tuan Pengiran Haji Abu Bakar. Pengiran Haji Alauddin said the Sultan announced the first stage divorce (talak satu) upon Azrinaz. The divo…

The Truth About Your Food - By David Zinczenko

Simpler is always better. Think about it: Would you rather have your job made simpler, or more complicated? How about your relationship? Your finances? Those instructions to assembling your new IKEA bookshelf? Simpler, right? Okay, how about your diet? Wouldn't you prefer to make your diet simpler as well? Especially if you knew that simpler was also healthier? Then why do so many of us insist on choosing the most complicated foods we can find, when the simplest foods are always better?

Case in point: Let's say you had a choice between two seemingly similar products. Both had about the same number of calories, and had similar tastes. Based on these ingredient lists, which would you choose?

Beverage #1: Water; high fructose corn syrup; concentrated juices of orange, tangerine, apple, lime and/or grapefruit; citric acid; ascorbic acid; beta-carotene; thiamin hydrochloride; natural flavors; modified food starch; canola oil; cellulose gum; xanthan gum; sodium hexametaphosphate; so…

The world just got bigger

IN the third year, most children start to insist that they do things for themselves. Their limbs are stronger and they are able to control their movements better. They like meeting new people and doing new things. They may have a wider vocabulary and speak better. They no longer seek attention from familiar adults. They are confident that the adults will be there when they need them. Children this age like to explore on their own without waiting for adults to guide them.

At this stage of their development, they need to take part in more activities that are related to their increasing need for independence. Parents and caregivers must plan activities that children can do themselves without adult assistance. Outdoor activities such as digging with a spade and watering the plants are fun and easy to do. Simple construction play with wooden or plastic blocks can occupy a three-year-old’s attention.
They have a short attention span but they can take part in simple d…

The ABCs of Going Cloth - By Elizabeth Gawlik

It’s the middle of the night and my baby is squalling. I reach into the hamper for another diaper and discover that only two are left. I realize it’s time—not to run to the store for diapers, but to do a load of laundry. I am one of a growing number of parents who use cloth diapers. I chose cloth for a number of reasons, including budget, the environment, and my baby’s comfort. I’ve learned from my experience that cloth diapers can be easier to use than I would have imagined, and can fit into any budget or lifestyle.

When I learned I was pregnant with my first child, I decided to use cloth first because of my concern for the environment. My husband and I recycle and try to produce as little waste as possible, and I knew that using disposable diapers would dramatically increase the amount of waste we produced. We knew that disposable diapers are a huge contributor to our nation’s landfills, and decided we didn’t want to add to the pile. In fact, if you had to keep all of your baby’s di…

Twitter users stranded as service suffers major outage

PETALING JAYA: Popular micro-blogging service Twitter experienced one of its more serious outages in recent months, leaving millions of its users worldwide stranded.The service's notorious "fail whale" error message, which appears on the site whenever there is a service disruption, surfaced at about 10:30am local time Tuesday. A statement posted on Twitter's service site acknowledged the problem and said the disruption was the result "the failed enhancement of a new approach to timeline caching."

The statement added that the company's infrastructure and operations engineers were currently working to resolve the problem and that a status update would be posted soon. Problems with the service started on Saturday, and users reported several incidences of poor site performance and a high number of errors.A post on the Twitter engineering site attributed those errors to one of its internal sub-networks being overwhelmed in terms of capacity.

According to sta…

Fixing Elastics - Malaysian Lazy Mommy Style Part 3

Now that you have your elastics in place, you can start stitching. (see below)

Once completed, it should look something like this. As you can see, I'm not good at handstiching but i did it anyway.

Before you start stitching the other end, make sure you pull the fabric till it wrinkled like this. (see below)

Then, you stitched the other end. Tadaaaa!!! Simple isn't it?

This is before.......

And this is after!!

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Fixing Elastics - Malaysian Lazy Mommy Style Part 2

Ok let's continue.

First, make a tiny slit on the fleece or the inner of the cloth diaper. See the picture below. You need to make the slit at both ends.

After you made the slits, pin the elastic to the safety pin (see below)

Then you pull the safety pin along the elastics hole. (see below)

Tadaaa, see the result? Now you have the new elastics inside the old elastics hole. (see below)

Now, its time for stitching ;-) .

To be continued in my next postings.

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Nurturing a child’s creativity - By Ruth Liew

IN a class of five- and six-year-olds, there will be children with different levels of abilities and interests. Some like to sit quietly to listen to stories, while others prefer to tell their own stories.Whether it’s reading or maths lesson, children need to work off their irrepressible energy.They want to be able to show off what they already know and can contribute.

M, a five-year-old boy, is a challenging child, according to his teacher. She has not been able to get him to do much writing work like the rest of his friends in class. He is not one to sit still.The day I replaced his English teacher for a session, I found him most interesting. He was not only a student in the class, but a teacher. He had ideas of his own.Being his usual self, he decided to do his own thing. He was focusing on recipe writing like the rest of the class. It was just that he did not follow what was written on the board. I thought he might want some help. So I called another child, who had completed his …

Fixing Elastics For the worn cloth diaper - Malaysian lazy mommy style

As more and more malaysian moms using cloth diapers for their babies, i'm pretty sure the time will come where your cloth diapers elastics become worn out. Usually happens after a year of intensive usage. This is why i come up with this tutorial. Mind you, this tutorial might not be the best, but i can assure you that it is the simplest method which can't go wrong.

What you are going to need:
1. Scissors . Yes, the small one that have sharp pointy tip.
2. Needle .
3. Elastics. 1/4" Size.
4. White threads 5. Safety Pin

Here's a photo of my cloth diaper with loose elastics.

I'll continue my tutorial on my next postings ;-).

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Made by Lily - 3T Dress

I'm in the mood for sewing again. Unfortunately, time is against me. I guess i have to do this 1 step for each week. This time around I'm going to make an A line dress for my 19 months old tots. Here's the paper pattern I manage to complete yesterday. Only the front part. The back part I'm targeting to finish it on Friday.

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