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List of Government Hospital in Negeri Sembilan and Melaka

Negeri Sembilan

Hospital Jelebu
71600 Kuala Kelawang
Tel: 06-613-6355
Fax: 06-613-7531

Hospital Jempol
Bandar Sri Jempol
72120 Jempol
Tel: 06-459-2000
Fax: 06-458-1086

Hospital Port Dickson
Km 11, Jalan Pantai
71050 SiRusa
Tel: 06-662-6333
Fax: 06-662-5003

Hospital Tampin
Jalan Haji Ahmad Zainuddin
73009 Tampin
Tel: 06-441-1511
Fax: 06-441-9610/443-2827

Hospital Tuanku Ampuan Najihah
72000 Kuala Pilah
Tel: 06-481-8002
Fax: 06-481-8010

Hospital Tuanku Jaafar
Jalan Rasah
70300 Seremban
Tel: 06-762-3333/768-4000
Fax: 03-762-5771

Hospital Alor Gajah
78000 Alor Gajah
Tel: 06-556-2333/556-1400
Fax: 06-556-7392

Hospital Jasin
77000 Jasin
Tel: 06-529-4262
Fax: 06-529-5262

Hospital Melaka
Jalan Mufti Haji Khalil
75400 Malacca
Tel: 06-282-2344
Fax: 06-284-1590

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