Wednesday, May 5, 2010

How do you explain that dad and mum have to go to work?

Sentuhan Bayu:
Okay this is really cute question when my 3 years old ask me where did both of us go after sending her to daycare. She asked with huge question mark on her face. Hmm.... how do you explain WORK to a 3 years old? So, one night - right after picking her up from day care I brought her to my office. I actually brought her right to my cubicle.
 "This is where mama read ABC & play. My teacher (which is of course refering to my boss) will be angry if i don't completely write my ABC,and count one to ten. After I completed that, only then i could get home & fetch you. Oh look! Here's a candy my teacher gave me today, why don't you eat it"

She beamed. What a  priceless moment for me. You know, the look of a hah! now i know.

She responded . "Hmm now i know. I see you have lots of ABC on your desk (which of course refering to the working papers). Take it home. I don't want teacher to scold you"

Awww.... isn't that cute. Well I have to  explain work in the environment she familiar with. At that age, since she is in daycare - she witnessed teachers teaching the elder preschoolers. So she get the idea that holding a paper with ABC on it is something for adult to read.

Now that she's 4, she's so glad that she could read. "Ma, I will help you reading your ABC. Can I go to work with you?"

Adoi.....  Well, that's another story.

Earning a living
I explain to them the concept of money and of the need to earn a living. I relate this to the things around them – food, clothes, toys, holidays, entertainment – and explain that everything costs money, hence the need to work. - Raslan Sharif, father of a boy and a girl aged 6 and 10

Explain it
We explained to him that dad has to go to work and he knows that when he sees dad putting on his shirt and dressing up that it's time to go to work. He'll want to say goodbye and he's okay with that. - Francine Goonting, mother of one boy aged three

Used to it
They're so used to us going to work that they don't kick up a fuss. I think it was just the first couple of days when they made a fuss. Now my elder daughter will ask me if I'm going to the office whenever she sees me dressed up. So, even if I'm going out for a meal, I'll say 'Yeah, I'm going to office'. So they're both perfectly okay with me going to work because I live with my parents and even though I go to work, there's still my parents and the maids at home. The support is there. - Maznita Mokhtar, mother of two girls aged one and three years old

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