Thursday, May 13, 2010

Envibum Review - Welcoming Envi to Malaysia

I've been using Envibum for almost a month now on my 18 months girl. Yes, I bring  in envibum so that Malaysian mommies can have a try on this innovative diaper. I came across it

What I like about Envibum:
- No restuffing! Works like AIO, but having the options to take the insert out if you need fast drying. Marvelous! And if i want extra absorbency, just put in the extra stuffing and leave it.
- No snapping. Well, this is actually a feature that makes me determine to bring in this diaper. No more figuring out which setting is best for your baby. And no excuse for dads too ;-)
- Minkee outer! awwhhhhh so soft, so nice...... my precioussss
- Cotton lining. I know we are most familiar with microfleece but cotton lining is much more dummy proof. No need for me to worry about stripping, build up, what detergent to use etc. This will be great for newbies. No more worries diapers. Just prewash & put it on. Simple!!
- Warm colors. Don't you love the green shades it has? Yummy.... Oh and the blue one too.
- The poop does come out easily. I must admit I was worried about the stains. heheheh silly me.

What I don;t like:
 Well none so far! Love them every bit. I wish I found this earlier. Sigh. Wait for my next baby then....

Additional Note :
I'm running a promo this month. Get RM 20 off your Envibum diaper!
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