Tuesday, May 25, 2010

5 Tips For Buying Green Gifts For Babies

Green Gifts are the only way to go when shopping for babies. Really they’re the only way to go when shopping for anyone. But especially for babies. Why? Because babies are more prone to toxins that are often found in your non-green gifts. Organic is the way to go when buying for anyone, especially when shopping for your or your friends’ little ones. So how do we shop for little ones? And how do we green our shopping? Check out these five tips.

1) Buy only organic, non-toxic. Don’t buy anything with potentially harmful toxins that babies love to touch and smell and taste.

2) Buy only products made from recycled or easily renewable material. Companies like to advertise when they make things from recycled materials. Check for that. Bamboo is a great, highly renewable product (it grows fast, so it’s easily replaced and it doesn’t release much carbon). Check for Bamboo products (you can even get babies clothes from made out of bamboo materials!)

3) Change your shopping habits. Save gas and other energy use by doing most of your shopping online. Especially for babies. Often we’re hesitant to buy clothes online because we’re not sure if they will fit. But for babies, I don’t know anyone who has their 10-month old son or daughter try on clothes before buying them. Just check the months label. And of course, when in doubt, buy big. They can always grow into the outfit.

4) When in doubt of what to buy, go for gift certificates! There are great online shops offering organic, green products for babies, and they usually offer gift certificates. Let your friend/daughter/sister decide what to get for her baby. Just point her in the right direction with a green gift certificate. This also saves on waste by reducing the number of unused or rarely used baby clothes.

5) Last, but not least, when giving gifts, try to cut down on the packaging you use. Give gifts in reusable gift bags. Or, if you wrap them, don’t buy anything but recycled wrapping paper.

When giving gifts for babies either for the holidays, birthdays, or baby showers, save the earth by going green. There’s no reason to buy anything but green gifts. There are plenty of excellent choices of green gifts for babies out there! For some ideas of good green gifts for babies and more ideas on how to live green, check out my resource box below. Thanks for reading!
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