Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A little bit about Good Mama Diaper

Goodmama was born in 2005 after inventor Suzanne Atwood began cloth diapering her youngest child and became frustrated with the diapers and accessories then available. A lifelong seamstress, Suzanne began designing and sewing, embarking on an extensive testing program to develop the unique and original goodmama true one-size fit.

Goodmama hit the market with a splash, finally making wetbags and cute, squishy fitted diapers more widely available. Word of the quality and amazing one-size fit spread quickly, and goodmama soon became the favorite collectible boutique diaper on the market.

Today goodmama continues to lead the trends with original and unique creations for the cutest cloth diapered behinds. Goodmama offers the widest variety of diaper prints and fabrics, enabling cloth enthusiasts to diaper in style while enjoying perfect fit and top quality.

Goodmama has created several new diapers to suit every cloth diapering taste, including:
the good.night, the extremely absorbent overnight diaper,
the simple.good, a snapless fitted for the pin or snappi user, and
the wildly popular ONE, an all-in-one diaper that actually works, even overnight!

Goodmama also offers several sizes of wetbags, the versatile and adorable zippered waterproof bags indispensable to cloth diapering and life in general. The goodmama hanging pail is a cloth diapering staple, getting rid of the ugly diaper pail once and for all.

Goodmama employees are mostly work-at-home moms who lend their talents to the company while staying home with their children. Goodmamas are made with US-milled organic bamboo fabrics and handmade by fairly-paid US workers. Suzanne believes in keeping construction of goodmama products in the United States, a decision that makes goodmamas cost more, but do more for our economy and workers.

Goodmama is a regular supporter of Miracle Diapers, an amazing charity that provides cloth diapers to low-income families, and is involved in many charitable projects throughout the year.

Goodmama believes that cloth diapering should be fun, fashionable, available, responsible and sustainable!
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