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How do you monitor what TV shows your children watch?

Sentuhan Bayu: Well, when I was a child till before I have my 1st daughter, I just LOOOOOOVVVVEEE TV. I watched everything from cartoon to documentaries in the NGC or Discovery Channel. Asked me why the sky is blue, surely i can give you the answer. So the very idea of getting my children not to watch TV is very wrong to me. Why? Trust me I learn a lot from TV. I learn English by watching TV. I learn what is going on around the world by watching TV. I have great laugh  by watching TV.
I believe in supervising of what they are watching is most important. That's what's my parents had thought me. Yes, I could watch TV in allocated time during the day. News is a must watch. Cartoon is only before 7pm. And no TV after 8.30pm. And it worked.
The key here is supervised. We are the parents, so we supervised what they are watching. And most important.... keep your cool .

Here's what other parents say about this topic.

Keep an eye

It's quite difficult to stop them when they get bigger. My two older children now watch the HBO and Cinemax channels. Sometimes if I see them watching the movie channels I'll tell them to switch the channel to the Discovery channel or one of the other educational channels. Sometimes there are nice movies but sometimes the shows are not suitable for children, especially when there are kissing scenes and violence. Because the TV is in the hall, I always keep an eye on what they are watching. My youngest son is okay because he is only interested in the Cartoon Network channel. - Shoba Raman, mother of two boys and a girl aged between eight and 14

So far so good
Both my children still ask me before turning on the TV and all they're interested in is football or the Nickelodeon Channel so this is not a big issue. They're not into unsuitable stuff yet and when there are inappropriate scenes on TV, they turn away before we even ask them to. – Shantini Tharmanason, mother of a boy and a girl aged nine and 12

No time for TV
They hardly have time for TV because the younger ones come back from the daycare centre the same time as me. They do get to watch TV after they finish their homework. But there's not much time. After homework, it's usually storybooks and then time for bed. The younger ones are only interested in the Cartoon Network or Disney Channel anyway. - Cafflin Wee, mother of three girls and one boy aged seven to 16

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