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Sandra Bullock divorcing two-timing husband, adopting baby

NEW YORK: Sandra Bullock is dumping her two-timing husband and welcoming a new guy into her life - a baby boy she is adopting as a single mother.Divorce papers were filed Friday in Austin, Texas, where the 45-year-old Oscar-winning actress has a home. The impending end of her five-year marriage to Jesse James came as no surprise on the heels of reports that the motorcycle mogul had been cheating on her and that the couple had already separated. Instead, the bombshell, set off by Bullock in an interview with People magazine, published online Wednesday, was the news that she brought a newborn son home to California earlier this year and has been raising him unbeknownst to almost anyone.

Be wary of tax refund messages, public told

PETALING JAYA: The Inland Reve­nue Board (IRB) has advised the public to be cautious when responding to SMS and e-mail messages, especially those claiming that the recipient owes money or is entitled to a tax refund IRB chief executive officer Datuk Hasmah Abdullah said with the increasing number of Malaysians expected to file tax returns electronically this year, it was important for the public to keep their information secure. “IRB has deployed a comprehensive security infrastructure for its electronic services and is using the public-and-private key encryption system for the services. “Nevertheless, be cautious when responding to such messages,” she said in a statement yesterday. She said to authenticate a user’s identity, the board had implemented the use of the Digital Signature through Public Key Infrastructure. She added as at end of last year, 1.6 million Malaysian taxpayers hade registered for the e-filing services. She said that with less than two days left for taxpayer

M’sia likely to become an aging nation in 2035

Sentuhan Bayu: Alamak!! I just retired by that year. hehehehe KUANTAN: Malaysia is likely to achieve the ageing nation status by 2035 with the number of people above the age of 60 reaching 15% of the population, an official said, citing United Nations figures. Welfare Department deputy director-general (Operation) Halijah Yahaya said, “In 2000, the number of elderly people was 1.45 million or 6.2% of the total population but in 2009, the number increased to 2.03 million or 7.1% of the total population.” The United Nations categorises any country with 10% of its population above the age of 60 as an ageing nation. Speaking at the opening of a seminar on caring society here yesterday, Halijah said the main factor contributing to the country’s ageing population was the decline in fertility and increase in life expectancy, which currently stands at 71.4 years for men and 76.2 for women. “The Government should therefore view seriously the ageing rate among the population especiall

Is it okay for a child to show defiance?

My six-year-old has suddenly become sassy and disrespectful in her manner at home. She told me to “buzz off” when I asked her to pick up her toys, and she calls me names when she gets angry. I feel it is important to permit this emotional outlet, so I haven’t tried to suppress it. Do you agree? I’m afraid I don’t. Your daughter is aware of her sudden defiance, and she’s waiting to see how far you will let her go. If you don’t discourage disrespectful behaviour now, you can expect some wild experiences during the adolescent years to come. With regard to your concern about emotional ventilation, you are right in saying your daughter needs to express her anger. She should be free to say anything to you provided it is said in a respectful manner. It is acceptable to say, “I think you love my brother more than me,” or “You weren’t fair with me, Mommy.”

A little bit about Good Mama Diaper

Goodmama was born in 2005 after inventor Suzanne Atwood began cloth diapering her youngest child and became frustrated with the diapers and accessories then available. A lifelong seamstress, Suzanne began designing and sewing, embarking on an extensive testing program to develop the unique and original goodmama true one-size fit. Goodmama hit the market with a splash, finally making wetbags and cute, squishy fitted diapers more widely available. Word of the quality and amazing one-size fit spread quickly, and goodmama soon became the favorite collectible boutique diaper on the market. Today goodmama continues to lead the trends with original and unique creations for the cutest cloth diapered behinds. Goodmama offers the widest variety of diaper prints and fabrics, enabling cloth enthusiasts to diaper in style while enjoying perfect fit and top quality.

Good Mama Pretty Prints

Oooooooohhhh, these are beautiful. Imagine your little one wearing one of these. So Cute!!! Cloth Diapering is indeed FUN.

How do you monitor what TV shows your children watch?

Sentuhan Bayu: Well, when I was a child till before I have my 1st daughter, I just LOOOOOOVVVVEEE TV. I watched everything from cartoon to documentaries in the NGC or Discovery Channel. Asked me why the sky is blue, surely i can give you the answer. So the very idea of getting my children not to watch TV is very wrong to me. Why? Trust me I learn a lot from TV. I learn English by watching TV. I learn what is going on around the world by watching TV. I have great laugh  by watching TV. I believe in supervising of what they are watching is most important. That's what's my parents had thought me. Yes, I could watch TV in allocated time during the day. News is a must watch. Cartoon is only before 7pm. And no TV after 8.30pm. And it worked. The key here is supervised. We are the parents, so we supervised what they are watching. And most important.... keep your cool . Here's what other parents say about this topic. Keep an eye It's quite difficult to stop them when

10 Tips for Green Parenting

Sentuhan Bayu : I'm sorry but I have to repeat myself on EarthDay. These are little things that you could do to save our planet & it doesn't cost you much. An addition to the list below, you could consider replacing those expensive disposable kitchen towel to a reusable & washable plain old small towel, change wipes to cloth wipes, disposable pads & tampons to washable cloth pads or menstrual cup. Breastfeed as Long as Possible. An excellent way to safeguard the physical and emotional health of babies, breastfeeding also avoids the food miles, packaging, time, cleaning products and of course money, associated with formula. The World Health Organisation recommends two years of breastfeeding. Practically speaking this can be difficult, but after six months even one feed a day continues to provide valuable antibodies.

In Love with Minkee Stuff

How can i not fall in love with these soft minky diaper? The colors are just so yummy.

Nurturing a child’s creativity

CHILDWISE By RUTH LIEW IN a class of five- and six-year-olds, there will be children with different levels of abilities and interests. Some like to sit quietly to listen to stories, while others prefer to tell their own stories. Whether it’s reading or maths lesson, children need to work off their irrepressible energy. They want to be able to show off what they already know and can contribute. M, a five-year-old boy, is a challenging child, according to his teacher. She has not been able to get him to do much writing work like the rest of his friends in class. He is not one to sit still. The day I replaced his English teacher for a session, I found him most interesting. He was not only a student in the class, but a teacher. He had ideas of his own. Being his usual self, he decided to do his own thing. He was focusing on recipe writing like the rest of the class. It was just that he did not follow what was written on the board. I thought he might want some help. So I called anoth

Before You Buy Cloth Diapers

By Heather Corley, Guide Cloth diapers are increasingly popular with parents who want to reduce the environmental impact of diapering their babies, and also with those who are concerned about the effects of chemicals in plastics and bleaches on their children. There are many styles of cloth diapers, from basic prefolds with covers, to all-in-one diapers that are nearly as convenient as disposables. What Are Cloth Diapers? A cloth diaper traditionally consists of an inner cotton absorbent layer (the diaper itself) and a separate waterproof outer layer (diaper cover). Today, there are many variations of the classic cloth diaper, from

Beware the property trap, Chong tells owners

By HIU CHII FEN KUALA LUMPUR: Do not break into your own property even if your tenant fails to pay the rent. It could be a trap. This was the warning given by MCA Public Services and Complaints Department head Datuk Michael Chong to landlords who were thinking of doing this to reclaim their property. Chong said any move by a landlord to break into the property, even when the tenant failed to pay the rent, was against the law. He said many landlords had been brought to court by tenants for breaking into their properties and were sued for the loss of their tenants’ assets including cash. “This could be a trap laid by tenants who are looking for easy cash. They could be conmen,” Chong told a press conference at his office in Wisma MCA here yesterday.

Have rules vs no rules

Posted by: Brigitte Rozario, 3-Apr-2010 Is it better to have rules or have no rules when bringing up children? On one hand having rules helps guide them and teach them about what is acceptable behaviour. On the other hand, rules can be stifling and they tend to limit children's creativity, preventing them from thinking for themselves and thinking out of the box. Let's see what a psychologist and a parent have to say on the matter. Selina Ding, educational and clinical psychologist: "It depends on what type of rules you are talking about. We human beings are always governed by law. In any country there are rules. If you want to bring up children without rules it will be quite tough because children being children, they do not know how to control themselves because they are not mature enough to make decisions and solve problems.

How to keep old appliances out of your front yard

By Editors of E/The Environmental Magazine Posted Sat Mar 27, 2010 5:22am PDT If you look hard enough you might be able to recycle those old appliances, and they will likely be reconditioned and find a good home in a household less privileged than yours, or broken down into their reusable parts and used to help rejuvenate other salvageable units. The first place to check is with your utility, which would like to see you upgrade to a more energy efficient new model — an older fridge uses upwards of three times the energy of most newer models. Utilities in 10 U.S. states and in Ontario, Canada offer some kind of rebate and free pick-up if you do decide you want to upgrade in partnership with a company called Appliance Recycling Centers of America, Inc. (ARCA), which oversees the appliance recycling process. ARCA's system can prevent up to 95 percent of the recyclable materials in old refrigerators and freezers from entering the waste stream. Check with your utility to see if

Baby Beehinds Hemp One Size Fitted Diaper

Baby BeeHinds' original fitted diaper (released in March 2004), our Hemp Fitteds are made from 55% hemp and 45% certified organic cotton. Baby BeeHinds Hemp Fitteds offer a 100% natural fiber option with flexibility in fit and absorbency, enabling you to adjust the diapers to suit your baby's own needs. One-Size-Fits-Most: Baby BeeHinds Hemp Fitted Diapers are adjustable, designed to fit the average sized baby from birth to toddlerhood (approx 8-35 lbs), however very solid or tall toddlers may outgrow them earlier than a toddler of average height and weight. Cross over snaps with an extra hip snap to prevent wing droop provide a secure fit. Our Hemp Fitteds have a bit more stretch and give than our Bamboo Fitteds, so if you prefer more give, these are the diapers for you.

Dealing with picky eaters

By WONG LI ZA ENSURING that children receive a balanced, nutritious diet is a perennial issue facing parents. The task is doubly arduous when dealing with picky eaters. The proliferation of two-working-parent households poses another hurdle. “It’s become more challenging these days because parents don’t necessarily spend all their time with their children and so may not know what their child is eating. “On the upside, because both parents are working, they can buy foods that match their children’s nutritional needs,” said Bruce German, food sciences and technology professor at University of California, Davis, the United States. Fast food consumption is another dietary dilemma for modern parents. “Lifestyle and food go together. One of the things that make modern lifestyle unique is we eat in modern ways and fast food is a product of that lifestyle,” said German, who is also Nestlé Research Centre’s senior scientific advisor.

Weekly Give Away - IKEA MATA Dinner Set for Baby

Key features Suction ring keeps bowl in place. The design of the lid makes room for the child's nose; the child can drink without leaning their head to far back.Bib with adjustable neck opening and generous pocket to catch spills. For the suction function of the plate to work, remove the soft plastic ring and put it back with the wide edge against the table top. Adjustable neck closing opens immediately if the child gets entrapped. Dishwasher-safe in upper basket. Microwave-safe. designer: J Egnell/H Bodin HOW TO WIN? (ENDS April 18th 2010) 1. Become a subscriber of Sentuhan Bayu Blog or if you already are post it 2. Become a Fan of  Sentuhan Bayu Facebook page 3. Post a comment on Facebook about Sentuhan Bayu including a link to any page on Sentuhan Bayu 4. Follow Sentuhan Bayu on Twitter 5. Post a fan picture on the Sentuhan Bayu facebook page 6. Blog about Sentuhan Bayu including a link to any page on Sentuhan Bayu 7. Talk about Sentuhan Bayu on a Forum includ

What is Aplix®?

Question: What is Aplix®? Answer: Aplix® is a brand name of hook and loop tape that is often used as a fastener for cloth diapers. Aplix® is known for having a long life span, even through the many washes required for cloth diapers.

Taking care of the child with chicken pox

By Datuk Dr ZULKIFLI ISMAIL CHICKENPOX is a common and highly contagious disease, particularly among children aged 12 years and below. It is caused by the varicella-zoster virus. The typical symptoms include red, itchy skin rashes that eventually develop into thin-walled blisters, and general symptoms such as fever, abdominal pains, sore throat and headache. This illness will usually run its course in about five to 10 days, although it takes about 10 to 21 days to develop after a person has been exposed to the virus. Chickenpox is a highly contagious disease and can spread easily from person-to-person through air, saliva, or direct contact with another person with chickenpox. Thus, anticipate that your child will probably get chickenpox at some point during his childhood and that you may also get infected from him or his friends if you have not had it or had never been vaccinated. Care for chickenpox Parents frequently do not pay much attention to information on chickenpox unti

Energetic toddlers

CHILDWISE By RUTH LIEW CHILDREN in their early years have little self-control. They tend to get over-excited and test their limits. They like repetition and need to be reminded about how they should behave in different settings. They need constant adult guidance when they are in unfamiliar places or with new friends. CHILDREN in their early years have little self-control. They tend to get over-excited and test their limits. They like repetition and need to be reminded about how they should behave in different settings. They need constant adult guidance when they are in unfamiliar places or with new friends. It can be exasperating trying to cope with active children in their toddler years. Many parents misunderstand their children’s behaviour and label them as naughty or mischievous. Children at this age simply cannot stop themselves because their urge to explore is so strong.

Strong earthquake off Sumatra

Sentuhan Bayu: Hah! This explains the tremor I felt this morning. JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP): A 7.8 earthquake shook Indonesia's northwest island of Sumatra early Wednesday, prompting a tsunami warning and sending residents rushing for higher ground. There were no immediate reports of widespread damage. The quake struck at 5:15 a.m. (2215 GMT) and was centered 125 miles (205 kilometers) northwest of Sibolga in Sumatra at a depth of 28.6 miles (46 kilometers), the US Geological Survey said. The Indonesia Meteorology and Geophysics Agency issued a tsunami warning following the quake, which struck as people in the region were preparing for morning prayers. "We issued a tsunami warning and are still monitoring situation there," said Fauzi, an official at the agency's Jakarta office. Fauzi, who uses a single name, said there were no immediate reports of damage or casualties. The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center in Honolulu also issued a tsunami watch. The center sai

Weekly Special Offer on Cloth Diaper

This Week Only. Autumnz Printed One Size Cloth Diaper at RM 39.90 each. Normal retail price is at RM42.90 & now you save more.Shipping Included. Interested? Email me at

Ways to save paper

THERE was a time when one needed a fax machine to send faxes, a printer to print documents and a scanner to create soft copies. Today, multi-function devices that incorporate printing, faxing and scanning capabilities – a printer, a fax machine and a scanner all rolled into one – are becoming ever popular. They not only save on paper, but also speed up processes and increase efficiency. Some even allow you to send documents directly to your e-mail. One of the biggest revolutions of recent times is the PDF, or Portable Document Format, developed by Adobe Systems, which allows sending and receiving of documents that appear and print virtually the same on any computer system. The PDF also enables the managing of processes that normally require paper. Fuji Xerox’s DocuWorks is a software that basically enables the user to carry out everything that one would normally do with pieces of paper on a desk. In short, it allows creating and managing paper in the digital world. Lee Chin Guan,

What Is a Contour Diaper?

Just as it sounds, a contour diaper is a cloth diaper shaped to fit snugly around a baby's chubby little legs. When you lay one of these down flat, it looks like an hourglass, with an absorbent layer in the skinny center section to capture wetness. Using snaps, Velcro or pins, fasten the diaper at your baby's waist; add a diaper cover, and your tot is ready to get down to business. Contour diapers cost USD6 to USD15 apiece; the price varies with the fabric and method of closure. How many you'll need to buy depends on how often you plan to do laundry. Keeping in mind that your newborn will probably go through 10 to 12 a day - less as your baby gets older - you'll want to buy enough to keep yourself stocked until you can get to the washing machine.

What Is a Diaper Cover?

Usually made of wool (but not the thick, scratchy type found in winter sweaters), polyurethane laminate fabric or fleece, a diaper cover is a separate, waterproof layer that goes on top of a cloth diaper. It prevents leaks and protects your baby's clothes from moisture. In addition to varying in levels of absorbency, diaper covers run the gamut in style, from basic to fancy: Some are pull-ups, while others fasten with snaps or Velcro tabs, and they come in lots of colors and patterns. When the weather is warm enough, many parents let their babies bum around in diaper covers; this also makes for quicker changing. You'll probably want to have five or six. They can be reused two or three times before they need to be thoroughly cleaned; just wipe the inside with a damp cloth. Prices start at about USD 8 and top out at USD18 or so.

Mums, stop feeling guilty about working or staying home

31 March 2010 CHILDWISE By RUTH LIEW I HAVE often been asked: “Who is better – the working mother or stay-at-home mother?” Mothers who want to quit working, want to know whether they are making the right choice. While mothers who are full-time home-makers want to know how it will affect their children when they join the workforce. Whether working or stay-at-home, all mothers share the same fears and concerns. They wonder whether they are feeding their children right or spending enough time teaching them the right values. You should always feel that you are doing your best for the children. Whether you work or stay at home, you are a full-time mother. There is no place for guilt. If you look after your children with knowledge, skill, love and patience, you are the kind of mother that deserves the highest recognition.

How Apple’s iPad measures up

SAN FRANCISCO: Apple Inc says its tablet-style iPad computer represents a whole new category of consumer-electronic devices, ideal for watching videos, surfing the Internet and reading electronic books. Here is how it stacks up with other Internet-connected portable devices that consumers are already using:

Baby Kangas is in Malaysia

Introducing 10 fresh new custom Baby Kangas colors! NEW Baby Kangas have a new laminate that is applied with enhanced technology to give the polyester fabric an overall stretch which translates to better fit and comfort for baby! This innovative pouch diaper features a waterproof pul outer with a microfleece inner to keep baby dry, with a zippered pouch opening on the outside where you add an absorbent insert/stuffer. The pouch is located on the outside of the diaper to make insert removal clean and easy. Just unzip and shake it over your diaper pail to get the insert out. The zipper closure makes stuffing easy and keeps the insert inside where it belongs. Snaps allow for 3 rise settings and a wide range of waist adjustments to fit a variety of shapes and sizes. Features: nylon zipper with cloth pull improved elastic for a stretchier fit that still keeps messes in extra flap to prevent wicking through zipper stretchy outer layer providing a better fit for baby We recomme

Reviews on Fuzzi Bunz from with 5 stars

Our Daily Diaper, July 21, 2008 By Melissa (Japan) - See all my reviews This review is from: FuzziBunz Perfect Size Diapers -12pack Gender Neutral Colors SMALL (Baby Product) When I was pregnant and researching cloth diapering, I wanted to try all the different kinds out. I bought one or two of nearly everything: different brands of prefolds, all sorts of All-In-Ones, some contours, various fitteds, pocket diapers with snaps, pockets with velcro, etc etc! Once we figured out what worked best, I expanded our stash of Fuzzi Bunz pocket diapers. My son is now almost 6 months old and we use them every day (we use something else at night.) The two rows of snaps make the diaper fit well around the waist and around his legs (and he has some chunky thighs!) He only rarely has any leaks and he doesn't get the ugly red marks on his thighs that some diapers leave. Pocket diapers are great because you can choose your level of absorbency by adding another insert for a heavy wetter or for n

Reviews on Monkey Doodlez

By Andi on May 4th, 2009 ( link here ) If you’ve been reading through the previous All-in-One Showdown reviews, you’re probably realizing that we are a bit enamored (infatuated? enchanted? entranced?) with our cloth diapering. We don’t just write about them – we talk about them constantly and we spend countless hours online finding the best deals, the cutest new fabrics or styles, and window shopping. When I do make my purchases (and make them I do!), I always check Nicki’s Diapers first. Experienced CD mamas will agree: Nicki has low prices, a fantastic selection, and – get ready for it – FREE SHIPPING on all diaper covers

Siti launches skincare and make-up line

By ELAINE DONG KUALA LUMPUR: Singer Datuk Siti Nurhaliza has launched a skincare and make-up line called SimplySiti. The 31-year-old pop darling, noted not only for her illustrious singing career but also her sweet looks, opened the event with a song entitled Rahsiaku Milikmu (My Secret Is Yours), the special theme song behind her product line. Siti wrote the lyrics herself. She said the song served as the inspiration for her beauty brand. Fit for a celebrity: Siti launching her own beauty products in Kuala Lumpur Tuesday. “My team and I worked very hard for two years to realise this long-held dream of mine. “When I finally decided to do it, my husband was fully behind me. “He’d seen me spending hours at the beauty counters whenever we went out,” she quipped as her businessman husband, Datuk Khalid Mohamad Jiwa, and her family looked on at the white-themed event held at a hotel here. SimplySiti, which features both skincare and cosmetic produc