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Reviews on Monkey Doodlez

By Andi on May 4th, 2009 (link here)

If you’ve been reading through the previous All-in-One Showdown reviews, you’re probably realizing that we are a bit enamored (infatuated? enchanted? entranced?) with our cloth diapering. We don’t just write about them – we talk about them constantly and we spend countless hours online finding the best deals, the cutest new fabrics or styles, and window shopping.

When I do make my purchases (and make them I do!), I always check Nicki’s Diapers first. Experienced CD mamas will agree: Nicki has low prices, a fantastic selection, and – get ready for it – FREE SHIPPING on all diaper covers

I send all of my inquiring friends to Nicki’s easy primer on cloth diapering – the diaper definitions. There are so many – it really can get confusing for a new CDer. Besides being a Wisconsin native like me (Go Pack Go!), Nicki also runs Cloth Diaper Clearance, Under My Crib and My Swim Baby – all fun to shop and I can’t wait until the auction site takes off. She also sells really convenient packages to get a newbie started, and has a gift registry (why didn’t anyone tell me about this like, last August???).

Nicki sent me an All-in-One to try out for our AIO Showdown week: a Monkey Doodlez Micro. She’s also offering a chance to win an All-in-One of your choice from her website below.

Look and Feel
The Monkey Doodlez is not going to win any ‘cute’ competitions (especially with that obnoxious tag on the front), but they do come in a wide variety of palatable colors. The outer PUL layer is your basic PUL – soft and pliable, definitely will do the job.

The inside is where this diaper shines. The Micro in the diaper’s name refers to the super-soft microfleece liner. It’s been washed a number of times, and it’s not pilly or bunchy, either. It’s still really soft and I love putting it on Piper. The ‘all-in-one’ part is layers of flannel and more microfleece, but it’s all sewn up so I couldn’t see that.

I also really like how the microfleece inner is colored – even though I wasn’t crazy about the color of the diaper I tested. Other colors are really cute – brown with a green liner, brown with pink inside, black on black (for those goth babies out there), red on red, etc. White diapers get so stained up, these darker colors must really look better over the long haul.

This diaper was, like a couple of the previous diapers I tested, a little big on my girl. Even so, it didn’t leak badly at all. It also has a layer of the loop-side of Velcro on the outside of the tab, so I could pull it tight around her middle. After washing a number of times, the thick middle sewn-in liner got a little bunched up between her legs, but not terribly so. This diaper is not quite as trim as others, but it has a really easy all-in-one on-and-off, which I liked.

But Does It Work?
So far, yes. It’s been working pretty well. Due to its size though, I’m going to wait a couple months before moving it to the ’safe for cute outfits or long outings’ rotation. I’m also a little disappointed it doesn’t have a pocket so I can stuff in some extra doublers for overnights, but that’s the nature of all-in-ones. If I wanted to add a doubler, I’d have to give up the softness of the microfleece against her skin. A fair trade-off, but that’ll have to wait until they fit a little better.

Soft, colored microfleece liner, overlapping aplix on the tabs create a nice, tight fit, even for the between-sized babies like mine, easy laundry and on-off care (no stuffing)

Leaked a bit on my 15lb daughter, the inner liner got a little bunchy in the bottom, no way to add a doubler.

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