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Reviews on Fuzzi Bunz

Fuzzi Bunz Diapers - Kept the rash away from our son's Bunz!

Written: Apr 13 '03 (Updated Apr 14 '03)

Product Rating:

Pros: reusable, soft, you control absorbency
Cons: Expensive to start out, diaper pail smells
The Bottom Line: A little expensive to start, but a real bottom saver!

LisaDo's Full Review: Fuzzi Bunz Diapers

I never in a million years thought that I would use cloth diapers. I remember when my brother and sister were born that my mom used cloth diapers because it was so expensive to use disposables. I refused to help change them because of the diaper pins. I was sure I would either stick myself or one of the babies. When Zack started getting a rash that was out of control, due to frequent blow outs of his diapers, we weren't sure what we should do. I mentioned the problem to a few other mommies and they mentioned trying AIO cloth diapers.

AIO? Huh? AIO stands for All In One diapers. This was perfect for me because you didn't need pins. I was given a few websites, including Ebay, to check out for some diapers. I found a website and picked up a couple of Fuzzi Bunz Diapers. At $14.95 or so each, I couldn't afford to buy very many. I ordered two from one site and found two more, brand new, on Ebay for about the same price. I waited for them to show up.

I'm not sure what I expected really. When they showed up, I washed them so that they would be ready to use as soon as possible. There were washing instructions included with the diapers on the tag, so I didn't have to guess at that. Here are the highlights:

"Wash the FuzziBunz and the inserts in HOT water. Use only regular detergent - No pure soap products or mild detergents such as Dreft or Ivory Snow. Also, no bleach, softeners. Air-dry FuzziBunz or dry them in a dryer on low heat."

When the diapers came out of the dryer, I was in a hurry to try them, I laid Zack on the floor and attempted my first cloth diaper.  I ordered the Fuzzi Bunz according to the weight chart given on the website I ordered them from. According to the chart, Zack's size was a large. I was a little nervous because he was really close to the extra large in weight. I went ahead and went with the large and I am glad I did.

The diaper is about the size and shape of a disposable. The diapers we ordered are white, although they do come in fun colors. When opened all of the way, the diaper is about 15" from front to back and about 14" across at it's widest point, gathering at the legs. The inside of the diaper is a soft, beige colored fleece. The outside is a snow white colored cloth. There are two snaps on each side of the back panel, the part that comes around your baby's waist, and then two rows of snaps across the front panel, the one that comes up between you baby's legs. There are 6 snaps in the top row and then a set of three snaps on the left and three snaps on the right, below the first row. These are so that the Fuzzi Bunz are adjustable. Some babies are chunkier than others, so this feature makes any diaper a custom fit.

So, how do these keep your baby dry? Inside the diaper, along the back, top seam, is an opening for a pocket. Inside this pocket you place a cloth insert. You can place in more than one for more absorbency, for night-time, for example. The wetness is pulled away from your baby by the fleece, and pulled into the cloth insert and held until you change your baby.

How do we like Fuzzi Bunz? We love them! Within two days of using Fuzzi Bunz, except at nap and night time due to the fact we only have four and I wash them at nap time, and using Bag Balm (see review: ), his horrible rash was gone! We had tried several prescriptions and nothing helped. The only thing we could figure was that he was allergic to the insides of the diapers. By using the Fuzzi Bunz, the fleece allowed his bottom to stay dry and to heal.

Was there anything we DIDN'T like? Well, with cloth diapers, you have to deal with the diaper pail thing. Since we only have four, they get washed as fast as we use them. I would just fill the washing machine with cold water (as per directions) and let the diapers soak until they were all in the load. Any soiling was dropped into the toilet (I don't swish!) and they were placed into the washer to soak. Wet diapers were just added. Inserts must be removed before washing. I would just drop them in the same load.

Even after all of the washings, our diapers have no yet stained and the fabrics haven't shown any signs of wear, such as piling. They are still in almost mint condition.

We did have one issue with one of the Fuzzi Bunz after the first wash. They hadn't even been worn yet. For some reason the elastic in the legs came loose. I contacted the company I ordered them from and she gave me the information for Mother of Eden, the company that manufactures Fuzzi Bunz. I mailed them the defective diaper and I had a new one (or they repaired the one, I'm not sure which) and sent me 4 new inserts free in less than two weeks time. I was very happy with their handling of the situation.

I am so glad that we were told about Fuzzi Bunz. Zack now gets the relief he needs from disposable diapers and his rash is a thing of the past.

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