Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Reviews on BumGenius Flip Diapering System

5.0 out of 5 stars Great for low budget!March 8, 2010
By Heather Gillstrap "RealMom" (Hartselle, AL) - See all my reviews
The Flip diapers have snaps instead of Velcro, which comes in handy when washing (and also if your little one learns how to un-do Velcro). The many snaps can be a little confusing if you've never used them before, but the Flip diapers come with picture instructions for different size babies. The inserts simply lay inside the cover (tuck under flaps at the front and back), which makes changing a diaper pretty quick! When changing, simply toss the insert into your pail, wipe the inside of the cover, and place in a new insert. You can use the same cover several times!

The stay-dry inserts that come with the diapers worked great for Sydney! She didn't even leak over her naps (which has been a problem even with disposables occasionally). You can also buy disposable inserts when traveling to make cloth diapering on-the-go easy. We also tried a regular pre-fold insert with our Flip diapers to see how well it would stay in place and we had no trouble with it either! These diapers are very slim as well, which allowed Sydney's normal jeans to fit (we've had to go up a size in clothes for some cloth diapers).

4.0 out of 5 stars Could be sturdier.January 18, 2010
By J. L. Francis "KrisFr" (Sacramento, CA) - See all my reviews
Why I bought these:
Two kids in diapers creates a lot of waste and wasted money.

These are REALLY simple! One size fits either my newborn or my almost 2 year old with the simple adjustment of the snaps. Just through the liner in and snap it on. If the kid makes a poopy mess, it is easy to wipe clean. You can reuse the shell several times and just replace the liner as long as the mess isn't to gross. The shells rinse off very easy.

The snaps tend to pull at the surrounding cloth which causes tearing in the shell so be careful when undoing the snaps. There are flaps at the front and back of the diaper that you fold over the liner but the flap in the rear is not very effective at holding in the liner.

We love these! The price is great for Mom's on a budget and it is made by an already trusted company, Cotton Babies.
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