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Living Large! Celebrating With The Biggest Loser Asia’s Martha Lai

Wednesday March 17, 2010

All that anyone can talk, tweet and blog about last week were the results of The Biggest Loser Asia and how ill and emaciated winner David Gurani (from Indonesia) looked during the season finale.
And while we may all STILL have our opinions on that, let's not detract from the three remaining finalists (and contestants) who shone trough at their finest hour as they celebrated the process that transformed their lives forever.

The finale of The Biggest Loser Asia may have been a bit of a let down but the show itself, held us captivated and often motivated enough not to snack while watching.
We bet there wasn't a dry eye in the house when Kevin had to leave the villa, sniggers as Hafiz professed his love for Christine and admiration (mixed with horror) when Marilyn polished off a bowl of jelly. We cheered for them and felt for them during the long and arduous journey to the show's finale.
And while we all have our favourites, we have to give props to the only woman (and youngest contestant)left standing at the finale – Martha Lai.
Martha's transformation
Martha may not have been the strongest contestant, a fact she too readily admits, "Even on the show I lost weight quite slow, I don't know why but I guess that is the way my body works," but when it mattered most, the plucky teenager pulled through winning immunity during the ball-in-water challenge and securing her place in the final four of The Biggest Loser Asia.
Winning immunity
Throughout the competition Martha, who came armed with an arsenal of F-bombs entertained us (as much as she did her Blue Team mates) with her bubbly and endearing personality. She was a character that girls the world over could relate to. After all, who hasn't wished for a bikini body and boyfriend?
"No, I haven't really had time to look for a boyfriend because first, it was about trying to lose weight," says Martha on the current status of the boyfriend search which she happily announced to the region during the show. Boyfriends aside, Martha is all-set to plough ahead, although in true Martha fashion, she's kinda, gonna let it come together at its own pace.
Her goal at the moment though is still to ‘cut the fat.' "First I want to lose 10 or 15kg to hit my ideal body weight and take it step by step, I haven't figured it out. In terms of work I might like to do a film production job. It looks like fun from doing the show. And besides I don't think I am the kind of person who would suit an office job. I didn't think about it yet."
Martha's going to let things pan out, after all just under a year ago Martha was working at a pet shop because it was the only job that she could get without people judging her on her plus size figure. Now, look how far she's come.
An avid viewer of The Biggest Loser (US and Australian editions), Martha was so thrilled to find out that an Asian edition was in the making that she flew to the first round of on-ground auditions for the show.
She shared then that it seemed to her that everyone in Hong Kong is thin and that it's difficult to find overweight people there. So having been overweight since she was a child, Martha was extremely self-conscious about her appearance. She often found people staring at her and making hurtful comments about her plus size.
"I tried a lot of ways before to lose weight," Martha explains to us. "I did the ‘pineapple diet' where I actually gained more kilos in a day. Then there was the ‘banana milk' diet that I got bored with by the third meal and, of course, there were diet pills. With the pills I lost 40pounds in a month but half a year later I gained back 60lbs. It was my heaviest weight last year."
Martha with her beloved Blue Team 'family'
Now, she's pretty much got a more positive attitude to weight loss and how she feels about it. "I know it is lame but exercise actually works. I didn't really enjoy the exercises at first under (Blue Team trainer) Nuku (Dave) but then it became like a routine and you get used to it." Adding that controlling what you eat also helps.
For the record it comes as a surprise even to Martha that she enjoys exercising now, especially swimming.
"I'm really happy about my weight loss. I didn't expect to win but what I've achieved so far is like a dream come true."
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Sentuhan Bayu: Yes, I've been watching Biggest Loser Asia and Martha is one of favorite contestant. As a tribute, I'm adding this article to my blog ;-).I think now she can wear bikini & have a boyfriend.

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