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Knickernappies Reviews

Mama2Cdboy :Posted: 2/17/2009
We really wanted to love this diaper. We loved our medium fuzzibunz but our baby grew out of the largest leg snap at 24lbs. So we were looking for a size large pocket diaper for our chubby thighed baby.

The fit on the KND (we have the G1s) is fabulous - the extra snaps were excellent for our chunky-legged babe - no red marks, and no tummy tightness either.

Unfortunately, they have always leaked from the inner thigh area - right from the start. We even use loopy-dos, which were made for this diaper. We have never had leaking problems with FBs or GADs. I think the problem is that the crotch is so narrow on the G1s that the insert bumps right up against the seam on both sides, so when it is moist it just wicks right out.

We have been using them anyway for 3 months now - but we end up having to change his clothes nearly every time he pees.

I wonder if the G2s are better. Unfortunately we won't find out because we can't afford any more. We were disappointed with this purchase. 
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As part of The Summer of Baby Love blog party I was sent a Knickernappies diaper by the manufacturer for a review. To be totally honest, I have mixed feeling about this diaper, but I am really not sure if it could just be due to user error or the shape of my particular baby.

I thought that the diaper was very trim, which was a definite pro in my book (in the picture below Lion Cub was only 4 weeks old, so it was still a bit big for him). The diaper fit nicely under clothes and comes in cute colors. Another BIG pro for me was the loopydoo insert! It is sewn as, well, a loop, so that the fabric can get cleaner and dry faster- a very nice feature! I also like that it side snaps, giving a clean look and preventing wing-droop.

The con for us was the leaks- Lion Cub tended to shoot pee straight out the legs. But once again, I have to emphasize that I am not sure if this is due to user error or just that this particular diaper wasn't a good fit for my particular baby. One thing I have definitely found in cloth diapering is that no one diaper fits every baby the same, and what works for one may not work for another! So, just because we had some leaking issues I wouldn't not recommend this diaper- it has so many good qualities. I think it probably would fit babies with chubbier thighs best, possibly, though.

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